Brian June 14, at am hey im only 16 and have trouble with women i know im a bit young but i want to buy this for when im over 18 since i have no money and my parents wont give me the money for this i want to know how much longer is this offer going to go? You just keep at it. Look the thing you need to learn is there are those that will say turn you down then are those that will give you an opportunity. But you have to get out and talk to girls. It would help to get comfortable with yourself first. Look at yourself like if you were to date yourself what would you like what might you find interesting about yourself.

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While many guys may be intrigued by her sensual exterior, only a select few men may be invited in and glimpse her hidden interior.

This is because she is a giving person and protects her heart from others. When a man is special to her, she gives him her all to contribute to his life and keep him happy. She needs this role in order for her to feel satisfied in her relationships. It is this reason she is very selective about who she deems worthy of sharing intimacy with her.

The Private Dancer is an extreme iNvestor, in that she also protects herself as does a Tester. Somehow, the Private Dancer feels either consciously or subconsciously scared of her tendency to get attached to a man too quickly so she has learned she must test the waters and dabble with different men, not unlike the men who love and leave different women. Another aspect of the Private Dancer is that she is practical-minded and keeps a lid on her emotions most of the time.

Though she may seem cool and aloof, which frustrates guys who fall for her and want something more serious and long term, you must remember, she will always be a great casual lover and long-time friend. She is a diva in the sense that she is level-headed, and has a strong presence that intimidates most men.

Simply understanding and knowing how to care for her is profoundly attractive to the Seductress, as she sees most men as being weak, insecure and needy. Indeed, the Seductress is crazy-busy, always has a lot going—a full plate, if you will—and, she demands a lot of herself—and you. Now, while this may be a challenge to most guys, any difficulty posed by the Connoisseur is outweighed by her susceptibility to see your sex as a reward for her non-sexual effort.

No, you must be special, because as a Denier, sex is special and sacred, as compared to a Justifier, who considers sex as nothing more than for fun and immediate gratification. But, where the Connoisseur differs from the Private Dancer is that, as an iNvestor, she is inclined to work on her relationship with you, contributing heavily to your relationship, emotionally and otherwise. Now, this is great—if you want the Connoisseur to be your girlfriend, because she will be devoted, caring, and make real contributions to your life.

While some woman are great in bed but incompetent in other tasks, such as following driving directions, cooking, or operating a computer, a Connoisseur is capable, competent, and usually a fine chef or, at least, she has the potential to be one. She is independent, probably has a good job or has ambitious goals, and takes dating with a grain of salt.

Essentially, she has a very healthy, real-world approach to dealing with men. It is her hope, one day, to meet a guy for a long-term relationship. And, though she may have a boyfriend currently, she is comfortable with casual fun. This is good news for you because, not being exclusive, she is therefore willing to try someone new, at least for a little while.

However, remember that, because she is an iNvestor, if she likes you, she will want to focus solely on you and develop your relationship. The Modern Woman may sound too good to be true because not only is she level-headed, rational, sexual, and slightly promiscuous, it is our opinion that the Modern Woman is relatively common. It appears more women are thinking this way these days—especially those women in their mid-to-late twenties with some dating experience under their belts.

Indeed, as of the year , almost all women have a little Modern Woman in them.


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Remember those weird random letters from above? Well, when we combine all her three conflicts together, we get the three letters we need to determine her personality. More on this later. So a tester T is able to date multiple guys at once, while an iNvestor N can only invest her time on one person at a time. So this is her timeline. This part is pretty simple. Does she deny that she has sex, or wants sex?


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Tweet Hey everyone. All other PUA guides and systems ever released come up short with one huge flaw that the gurus never seem to address… They always provide you with tons of tutorials, case studies and videos teaching you how to approach a woman and the lines to use to pick her up — but the woman seems to have a one-track mind all the time! How many times have you seen this scenario in a guidebook before? As Vin DiCarlo mastered the art of pick up over the years — he realized that the easiest way to pick up any woman is to figure out what she already wants from a guy and simply give that to her! The 8 types of women are the Cinderella, the playette, the hopeful romantic, the connoisseur, the modern woman, your private dancer, the seductress and the social butterfly.

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