If you wish to discuss the mass production of those products or plan to order them, please contact our sales representatives to confirm that the information you see on this site is the latest version. Safety-related instructions We are doing our best to constantly improve the quality and reliability of our products. The durability of products also varies depending on service environments and conditions. Please check your product under actual service conditions before use. If you continue to use a product in a poor condition, items with deteriorated insulation performance may generate abnormal heat or smoke or even ignite. We advise you to apply safety measures and regular maintenance work, such as the use of redundant design, fireproofing, and malfunction-preventing design, to rule out such accidents.

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Weitere Informationen zu Produkt TQ2-12V von Panasonic bei B├╝rklin Elektronik:



TQ2-12V - DPDT 12V 1A DIP Relay



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TQ2-9V Datasheet


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