This theory makes the whole Plan of Salvation and life before and after death seem more real. My mind has not stopped pondering since I started reading it. Apr 18, Kelley rated it liked it My husband was right - this book is fascinating. He explains his theory in great detail, siting many sources, both scriptural and scientific. It was like reading a piece in a collegiate journal.

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Author by : B. It was most interesting and fairly convincing. I was particularly struck by the figure on a throne or chair that was found in both China and Egypt.

That is a tremendous tying figure. Thanks for sharing. It is profound and mind boggling. You have done a lot of research and have thought deeply about the subject.

Are you going to publish it? I think most of us have little idea who we really are. The discussion about DNA is very compelling. Thank you so much for sharing such deep and wonderful thoughts with me. Irvine, California Fascinating thoughts! Dale has introduced a unique view of the scattering of great populations throughout the world that has the potential to help many of us to re-think such events. A worth-while read for any-one interested in the early peoples of the earth and the connection between peoples, including pre-mortality.

Each of you is truly a unique creation. But also locked within the DNA are pieces of DNA that you share with your most immediate ancestors, with your brothers and your sisters and your parents and your grandparents.


The Kolob Theorem: A Mormon's View of God's Starry Universe

A blog by an astrophysicist mostly about things that have nothing to do with astrophysics. My first review of the book was perhaps a little too harsh and short on details. Hopefully my second post will be better at informing anyone who reads this of the fundamental problems with The Kolob Theorem. I only managed to get through the first 9 pages before I gave up. There were way to many problems.


A blog by an astrophysicist mostly about things that have nothing to do with astrophysics. Lynn Hilton. There was only one review that discussed the actual scientific merits of the book when I wrote my review. Originally I had no intention of writing a review of the book, but after coming across a few references to it, and having at least one person ask me about it I wrote a rather harsh and not very charitable review of the book. After a few comments from readers I returned and wrote a revised review of the book, which is at the moment the most popular post on my blog.

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