Een oefentool voor deze samenvatting Studiecoaching met filmpjes Bekijk het Study Smart Pakket Dit is de samenvatting van het boek "Strategic management of information systems. Het ISBN van dit boek is of Deze samenvatting is geschreven door studenten die effectief studeren met de studietool van Study Smart With Chris. PREMIUM samenvattingen zijn gecontroleerd op kwaliteit en speciaal geselecteerd om je leerdoelen nog sneller te kunnen bereiken! Samenvatting - Strategic management of information systems. Het is de drijfveer voor organisatiestrategie en IS-strategie.

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A general manager should: a Rely on IS personnel to make IS decisions b Ignore how IS are used and managed c Have a deep technical knowledge of IS d Understand the use and consequences of technologies relevant to the business e Not be expected to ask or understand technology related questions Ans: d Easy Response: See page 26,32 3. Google has disrupted a number of industries, particularly the advertising and software industries. The Hypercompetition Model c.

The Information Systems Strategy Triangle d. The Social Business Strategy e. Through the use of various technologies, a ski resort tracks the slopes each customer skis and the times he or she skis them. Skiers then have the ability to view this information online, and can choose to seamlessly share their accomplishments on Facebook.

In addition, photographers positioned at the resort post pictures on Facebook for the skier. This ski resort has worked hard to develop a strong: a. IS Strategy b. Social business strategy c. Business strategy d. Organizational strategy e. Customer strategy Ans: b Hard Resposne: See page 33 9. All of our decisions are based on the sophisticated systems that we have deployed throughout our organization. IT drives our decisions. What position should the manager hold regarding IT and its influence on decision making?

IT should drive business decisions. Organizational goals should drive IT decisions. Organizational strategy should drive IS decision making. Business strategy should drive IS decision making e. All strategy should be driven by IT strategy.

Ans: d Hard Response: See page 32 Which variable in particular does IS help to determine? Market forces b. Customer demands c. The capabilities of the organization d.

Organizational design Ans: c Hard Response: See page 27 and 36 Collaborating with stakeholders b. Building deeper connections with stakeholders c. Innovating with stakeholders d. Excluding stakeholders e. General managers should take an active role in decisions about information systems. This is vital because: a. The IS department cannot be trusted to make good decisions. The IS department has not been trained to make general business decisions.

Information systems are designed to support business objectives. Information systems are normally incongruent with business strategies. Ans: d Medium Response: See page 24 Information Technology Matrix d. IS Strategy Model e. A bank provides its customers mobile applications that significantly simplify traditional banking activities. For example, a customer can use a smartphone to take a picture of a check and electronically deposit into an account.

The business diamond identifies the crucial, interrelated components for designing an organization. This use of technology supports which strategy? GE recognized that it could only sustain its competitive advantage for a limited time as competitors attempted to outmaneuver them. What was the model that Welch applied to help solve this problem? Business strategies based on hypercompetition focus on customer satisfaction and profit maximization but also build in a component of business intelligence.

Business intelligence helps an agile organization to: a Predict and respond to new opportunities b Leverage information technology in new ways c Manage internal challenges d React to supplier demands e Collaborate Ans: a Hard Response: See page Which one of the following is NOT part of the information systems strategy matrix?

Ans: True Response: See page 32 Once a firm is out of alignment, it does not mean that it has to stay that way. Ans: True Response: See page 25 Ans: False Response: See page 33 There has been accelerated competition and churn among market leaders concurrent with the increases in the quality and quantity of IT investments. Ans: True Response: See page 31 To avoid unwanted consequences, altering the IT Strategy requires adjustments to the organizational strategy.

The IS strategy drives the business strategy. Ans: False Response: See page Short Answer Ans: people Response: See page 34 Ans: mission Response: See page 26 Ans: focus Response: See page 29 In order to assess the critical issues in information management, a manager should know the IS infrastructure components.

Ans: data Response: See page 37 Ans: innovation Response: See page 33 Ans: organizational Response: See page 25 Ans: cost leadership Response: See page 29 Essay List the three categories of social business opportunities and give an example of each. Dell now sells to major retail outlets such as Walmart and Best Buy. Explain your answers. Is a company more likely to adjust its mission statement or its business strategy? Explain your answer.

What is alignment in the context of the Information Systems Strategy Triangle and why is it important for a business to be in alignment? Explain what this means and give examples of this competitive dynamic. Match the following goals with the UPS strategy it represents. Business Strategy Securely provide specialized transportation and logistics services to individuals and businesses. IS Strategy Create technologies and logistics systems that support efficient flow of information and packages worldwide.

Organizational Strategy Empower employees to ensure safe transport of goods and to value commitment to teamwork. This sample only, Download all chapters at: alibabadownload.


The Strategic Management of Information Systems: Building a Digital Strategy, 4th Edition



Test Bank Solutions manual Strategic Management of Information Systems Pearlson 4th edition



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Strategic Management and Information Systems: An Integrated Approach


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