Discover Your Beauty or Be Discovered "; document. My fight was all about me me me. I was all about my newbie models. My drive was all about them them them. So now, my passion is all about us us us.

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Banks first tackled the modeling industry and became one of the most successful and groundbreaking supermodels of all time. Modelland is an attraction set to open in late in Santa Monica, Calif. The multi-level 21, sq. Modelland has been in the works for 10 years.

With some serious laser-focused tunnel-vision and a hardworking, expert team, Modelland is finally coming to life.

How would you describe Modelland? Modelland is going to be a place where the modeling world meets fantasy, meets entertainment, meets technology, meets retail, meets dining, meets … your fiercest best self you could ever imagine. From the beginning, when creating this attraction, I wanted Modelland to go beyond just a place to go to, but to be a place to feel emotion. Of course, there will be an elevated social media component that will allow for our global community to engage and get delightful tastes of Modelland.

That is crucial. The extra special treat is at the attraction, in the flesh. All types of beauty — men and women, young and older — are invited to transform into the dream version of themselves. When people leave Modelland, we want them to feel overjoyed and empowered. What is the purpose of Modelland? Modelland will empower them to embrace, celebrate and adorn their own unique beauty in ways they never thought possible.

What will visitors do at Modelland? Take me through the experience when you visit. Modelland will be a multi-level ticketed attraction, so there will be different ways in which you can experience it.

There will be a robust retail offering and experiential dining — not your typical restaurant outing. It will be way beyond that. Who do you hope will visit? Modelland will be for everyone. All genders, families, friend groups and beyond. This is where you come as a mom or dad to bring your teenage daughter or son, host your birthday or bachelorette party, where couples come on a date.

There will be something for everyone. Is this Santa Monica location the first of many? Is it a launching pad for an entire franchise? And we have a robust strategy to expand globally as well. Yes, it is indeed a franchise. Will there be any component involving entertainment content? Perhaps a reality show about Modelland? Without getting into specifics, there will be content elements that are programmable throughout the attraction. The producer and storyteller in me cannot resist.

There is IP that will span into features, TV, steaming and beyond. The opportunities with Modelland are endless Why is this the next best step in the Tyra brand? I have always wanted to create something that exists beyond me, so that when my time on Earth is done, people — young, old, women, men, families, friends — will still have many outlets and physical destinations to visit to be the dream versions of themselves, to have their beauty celebrated and to just let loose and have fun.

Modelland is a big focus, and I will continue to produce and develop as we prepare to open Modelland and of course, beyond that.

I have an overall deal with Universal Television for scripted and unscripted programming. We have an incredible development slate that is compelling, dynamic and unique that spans beyond our existing audience. Bankable Productions is focused on content that has strong international format appeal. Our team is growing and will also be in charge of producing content connected to the Modelland brand.


'Ultimate modeling fantasy': Tyra Banks' ModelLand theme park has $1,495 tickets

What is ModelLand? The latest entrant poised to capitalize on our self-obsession: Tyra Banks. There are lighting setups that adjust to complement your skin tone. The motivation behind the twist on photo pop-ups is simple: Make everyone feel like the center of attention. There was the competition to be the best and be chosen as number one," Banks said. Sneak peek at ModelLand lobby. Despite launching during the social media age, when teens and young adults perpetually edit, post and scroll, Banks had a tough time getting investors to believe in a niche venture.


Would you pay $1,495 for a ticket to Tyra Banks’ ModelLand theme park?


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