James Penha Malin Kundang Although the villagers of Tapanuli were uniformly and utterly destitute, Malin Kundang did not realize he was poor. His town was situated in the midst of a lush farming area of Northern Sumatra. As long as there was rain, there was food. And because all the villagers were kinsmen of the same tribe, as long as one mother had rice or as long as one father had tapioca, no one starved.

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They lived in a hut in the vilage near the sea. They were very poor. I have to leave this vilage and look for a job.

But she knew that Malin Kundang was right. So she let him go. She hoped her son would return soon. She would ask the captain of the ship whether he saw her son or not. But she got no news about Malin Kundang. After years, when she was very old, a captain of a ship told her, "Malin Kundang? I met him some month ago.

He is now married to a beautiful girl. She is the daughter of a wealthy man. She was sure that Malin Kundang would return home one day. One morning, a big beautiful ship docked.

A young couple stood at the dock. They wore beautiful clothes. My son! You are home! Malin Kundang did not believe her. She was a strong woman when I left. The old woman cried. She could not believe what she heard. He was embarrassed to have an old mother. So he kicked the old woman yelled at her, "Go away, ugly woman. My mother does not look like you at all. She cried. Then she prayed,"My dear God, if he really is my son, punish him. Big waves hit the shore with a loud noise.

They hit everything from big ships to coconut trees along the shore. The thunderstorm was a fierce one. The storm stopped in the morning. But the villagers could see what the storm had done. Not far from the shore, there were rocks that looked like wreckage and the passenger of a ship. God had punished him. Insubordinate to the parents is a big sin that will be borne by your self. Story Source : Smart Magazine Image source : www.


(Story Telling Malin Kundang) Cerita Singkat Malin Kundang dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Terjemahannya

Oleh admin Story Telling Malin Kundang — Siapa yang tidak tahu mengenai legenda mengenai malin kundang si anak durhaka. Malin kundang ini konon batunya ada di sumatera barat. Dan bagaimana kisah mengenai malin kundang ini terjadi. Anda ingin tahu? Cerita Singkat Malin Kundang dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Artinya Malin kundang Once upon a time lived a widowthat has a little son with name malin kundang.


Story Telling Bahasa Inggris tentang Malin Kundang dan Artinya

Kisah ini secara garis besar menceritakan seorang anak yang tak tahu berterimakasih kepada ibunya sehingga membuat ibunya sangat murka. Cerita tentang Malin Kundang memang lumayan bagus terutama untuk materi story telling Bahasa Inggris yang ingin menggunakan cerita rakyat nusantara. Story telling Bahasa Inggris tentang Malin Kundang, designed by Euginia Gina Nah, jika kamu sudah penasaran dengan dongeng ini, langsung saja salah satu contoh story telling Bahasa Inggris tentang Malin Kundang berikut ini. They were living in poverty.


Malin Kundang

Plot[ edit ] Malin Rano Karno is a young boy who lives in Sumatra with his mother Fifi Young and sister; his father had disappeared at sea several years earlier. When a group of pirates land at the village, Malin catches the eye of their leader, Nakoda Langkap, who takes the boy as his own. As they are leaving the village, they pass the ship of another pirate, the slaverunner Nakoda Hitam. Nakoda Langkap and his men take the ship, wounding evil pirate captain and freeing the slaves. One, a boy named Lalang, is orphaned when his mother is killed in the battle; Nakoda Langkap takes him in as a son too. Nakoda Langkap raises the boys to be good sailors and respect others. As they leave the village, they once again run across Nakoda Hitam.


They hanged life with something given by the nature. They took woods from the forest and sold them to buy their food. It was not enough to fulfill their daily need normaly. They ate food whatever there was, they wore clothes whatever there was.

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