This test will prove the voltage is adequately coming into and going from the contactor. If the proper line voltage is entering the contactor, but is not exiting, the contactor is bad or the contactor wiring is incorrect. If incoming line voltage is adequate coming in and leaving the contactor, the contactor wiring is accurate, and the high voltage side of the contactor is doing its job correctly. This article is meant to be used as a training aid to understand how to read the high voltage side of the contactor, and ensure line voltage is coming in and out correctly when we hold the plunger. Step 1.

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And that thought of protection begins literally, right at the gate. This massive machine moves and supports huge gate lengths of up to 70ft and 1, pounds yet the unit is still fully compliant with UL code and regulations.

Your entire exclusive gated community or high end industrial complex can feel the security exuding from the robust and highly muscular SLU gate openening system. It is fully ready to engage and protect. Smartphone capable as well will have your main contact keep a "technical eye" on the gate.

Security and safety for both house and business is a primary focus of this Liftmaster gate operator. The included monitored photoeye infrared beam guards and prevent accidents constantly. Inherent obstruction sensing, advanced dual gate operation, maglock control, and mechanical braking ensures seamless entry and exit, but only for those allowed to do so. The unit is flush with sophistication. Its universal footprint offers ease of placement and operation. The unit features a larger control box with sequenced access management, an integrated 3 button control station, a solid built-in 2.

The range of controls is extensive: external manual disconnect, reset button, emergency stop, warning devices, limit sets, control inputs, and timers to close and a maximum run timer are at the ready. LED indicators, an intelligent digital logic control, control inputs, surge and spike protection and more are securely working under a hinged, protective cover. Your castle, whether residential or industrial, needs protection.

If you are in the big leagues with your community and your business, the Liftmaster SL has the strength and dependability to keep your castle guarded. Contact us today for more information.


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Chamberlain LiftMaster Professional SL585 Installation Manual



GATE - SL575, SL585, SL595 - How to read high voltage in and out of the contactor


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