Faedal Love Divine His heart is about helping people grow in the Lord through discipleship and forming meaningful relationships. Pastor Hiro has ministered faithfully to Japanese speaking people for two decades in the Portland area. Aaron and his wife Noelle have lived in Portland area since For the past 23 years, Pastor Chip has served four Oregon Assemblies of God churches as Worship Pastor, directing choirs, orchestras, and worship teams, producing seasonal outreach events and ahlling congregations into the presence of God. She is one of our primary Worship Leaders for Sunday services, heads hal,ing our graded choirs and is the director of the Fine Arts Academy. James has attended PCC for more than 14 years. He is passionate about using the visual medium as a ministry tool.

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Collections Vol. But for now, her wonderful recordings are evidence of her vocal brilliance. Not that Ms. Hardiman sounds like a copy of anyone, but she fits very comfortably into the classic style.

Her voice is attractive in all ranges, one can always understand the words she sings, her phrasing is inviting, and she swings at every tempo. A member of the top notch jazz vocal group the Ritz in the late s, she settled in Oregon in and has been a local treasure ever since. Joined by her husband, the skilled pianist Ray Hardiman, bassist Craig Snazelle, drummer Ron Steen, and quite often Laird Halling on alto sax and flute, she performs ten standards, many of which are not sung all that often.

Ray Hardiman sounding like a vibraphonist on his keyboard takes a fine solo before the song ends with laidback scatting over the vamp. Rebecca Hardiman deserves to be much better known beyond the Pacific Northwest.

Honoring Ella finds Ms. Hardiman capturing the sweetness, swinging phrasing, and infallible pitch of the First Lady of Song while also displaying her own musical personality. While she mostly sticks to the lyrics, she is particularly inventive in her choice of notes and her phrasing.

Ella would have approved of and loved this recording! She has a clear and very appealing tone, it is very easy to understand every word that she interprets, and her singing is full of joy. In addition, she swings at all tempos and is a very good scat singer. There are times when she sounds a little bit like early Nancy Wilson but she is a more adventurous and harder-swinging vocalist If I had to come up with a criticism about her singing, I would be at a loss for words. On Easy Living, Rebecca Hardiman is joined by some of the top straight ahead jazz musicians from the Pacific Northwest.

When she changes the notes of a melody, it adds to the emotional effect and the general excitement. All benefit from these treatments.

As any real jazz singer should do, Hardiman delivers 14 tunes without pretense or too much frosting on the cake. She scats with ease and perfect clarity. Hardiman passes with flying colors. Hardiman is accompanied by her husband, Ray Hardiman on piano; Dan Presley, bass; Ron Steen, drums; and special kudos to Bryant Allard on trumpet and flugelhorn and to Laird Halling on sax and clarinet.





Alive, Forever, Amen – Benson Orchestra Series, Vol. 2


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