While Robert Langdon always behaved like someone with a sword on his head, Professor Saini seemed to be a lot more unconcerned about the impending doom. Like I said at the start, this is not a book for everyone. Oh God, the ending! Fulzele thrives on shock treatment……. This is my second novel by the author. Perfect to the theme of the book.

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Instead, let me put together a list in no particular order of stray observations I made while reading this book. If anybody is labouring under the delusion that this is a book with a plot or a story, filled with action, intrigue, conflicts, resolutions and happy endings, let me stop you right here. Sanghi has made use of the omniscient POV my least favourite kind while writing this book. This means that we get to know everything, everyone of the characters is thinking or saying or doing at all times - which can be an overload of information.

He is bleeding to death! Watching paint dry is more exciting than these two. They are trapped in a cave-in! Can we get on with the story already? The writing is awful.

The descriptions of characters are extremely cringe-worthy and give the impression that Sanghi has only the vaguest ideas of how most Indians look like - - [He] had been blessed with godlike physical charms and unblemished complexion Imagine, if you will, an Indian cop who says things like - "Cat got your tongue? You can check in any time but you can never leave! The editing is careless, to say the least.

I can recall two instances page and where Radhika and Saini are referred to as Priya, respectively. At one point, Saini, an Indian professor, says to Priya, fellow Indian - "For your information, a yojana is about nine American miles Excuse me?? Since when did Indians stop using the metric system?? It is things like this that make me loathe to pick up books by Indian authors!

Know your audience, Sanghi. Sanghi has a habit of over-sharing. Throughout the book we are told that the characters are wearing Reebok shoes or Levis jeans or carrying a Samsung Galaxy XCover or using an Apple iPad or driving a Yamaha bike with a cc engine or smoking a Cohiba cigar!! Are you being paid to endorse these products, Sanghi??

Give us a gist of the scene and settings, and leave the rest to our imagination. Do not spoon-feed us and insult our intelligence! In italics. I can almost hear his voice in my head going, Look! See how smart I am?!?!?! In italics! Can I say, contrived much? So we begin with a Mr. He tells Saini to safeguard it for him as he is afraid his life might be in danger. Question, WHY is his life in danger, Mr. What gave him the idea? How did he convince those people to do this favour for him?

Also, Every character we ever meet conveniently has an abundance of knowledge on Indian history and can spout them at will. The ending. Oh God, the ending! The norm in reading a book is that the ending is supposed make the rest of the journey worthwhile. Sanghi spectacularly fails in this.

The ending is so abysmally done, you feel like tearing at your hair and throwing the book at the nearest wall, for having wasted your precious time on this drivel. Through the whole book, they gather the seals, escape from death, travel across the country, only to be told, and in turn tell us, that paraphrasing "we should aim to be better people in life and only then we can be happy".

Not a peep about the seals or the Krishna Key after that. So everybody in the book died for this?! TL;DR - Less thrills and more facepalms. Terrible writing. Shoddy editing. Contrived plot. No story. Severely lame ending. Too much historical information stuffed into one book.





[PDF] The Krishna Key Book by Ashwin Sanghi Free Download (475 pages)


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