Susan Bunch is the wife of Carol Willick. She is played by Jessica Hecht. She works in advertising. Susan and Carol had an affair while Carol was married to Ross.

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Mike Brady Mike, as portrayed in the original series by Robert Reed. Mike, a widowed architect , brought three sons to his marriage with Carol Martin and became the stepfather to her three daughters. He was named "Father of the Year" by a local newspaper after his stepdaughter Marcia submitted an essay in his honor. Shortly into the fourth season, Mike Brady grew his hair into a longer, curly style.

Mike had a firm personal integrity e. Mike enjoyed fishing and camping. The writers imply that Mike Brady is a very highly qualified and well-respected architect. His "failures" tended to be successes. For instance, in A Very Brady Christmas, contractor Ted Roberts who is looking to save money on his building project fires Mike when he refuses to cut corners and take out important safety provisions.

Mike, however, is later proven right when the structure begins to crumble trapping two security guards, and later Mike, inside. In the episode "How to Succeed in Business? This is to reassure his son Peter that failure and getting fired are a part of life. Mike was one of the staff architects with the firm he worked at; the name was never mentioned in the series, and Mr. Ed Phillips was his boss until the final episodes of the series, when he was succeeded by Harry Matthews. Jeffrey Hunter approached Schwartz to play Mike Brady, but Schwartz felt Hunter was too attractive to play a down-to-earth architect.

At the beginning of the pilot, her last name is Martin from her first marriage, during which she had had three daughters. She gains three stepsons when she marries Mike Brady. Carol enjoys singing in the church choir, and with her daughter Marcia in the high school Family Frolic Talent Show.

In the episode "A Fistful of Reasons", in which Cindy is bullied because of her lisp, Carol confesses that she too overcame a lisp while growing up in Swampscott, Massachusetts. Her parents, Henry and Mrs Tyler J. She has an unseen brother, Jack, and sister-in-law, Pauline the parents of Cousin Oliver. During the original Brady Bunch series, Carol is a stay-at-home mother. Creator and Executive Producer Sherwood Schwartz had originally intended for Carol to be a divorcee; however, ABC refused to allow the fate of her first marriage to be revealed on the show.

The show was canceled before Schwartz could execute his plan. Greg is a Westdale High School student who plays football, plays guitar, surfs, and aspires to be a singer. Greg is portrayed as self-confident and brassy at times, and generally acts as leader and spokesman for the other kids. Being the oldest of the Brady children, Greg is usually the one who devises their plans. Also as the character got older, Greg often attempted to disassociate himself from the younger siblings, eventually getting his own room in the attic.

Despite this, Greg always sticks up for his younger siblings and helps them out whenever he can. However, he has been known to cross the lines when he believes the situation warrants it specifically, when he created a phony playbook to thwart a cheating quarterback from a rival high school.

He has also been known to use the line, "Something suddenly came up", to break off a date without giving a further explanation so he can go out with a more desirable girl.

Greg eventually became an obstetrician as mentioned in A Very Brady Christmas. He and his wife Nora, a nurse , have a son named Kevin. Greg is the only one of the children to appear in every episode of the original series. Her popularity is an ongoing source of contempt for her younger sister Jan.

However, by the time A Very Brady Christmas aired, she was a stay-at-home mother raising two children, daughter Jessica and son Michael "Mickey". She was still unemployed at the beginning of The Bradys, and at this point her ego began to take such a beating she briefly turned to alcohol for solace. By the end of the series, Marcia and her husband, Wally a toy salesman who was frequently out of work, due to either layoffs or getting fired join their sisters-in-law Nora and Tracy to open a catering business.

Peter Brady Peter, as portrayed in the original series by Christopher Knight. Peter often thinks badly of himself, such as believing he has no personality in the episode "The Personality Kid". The clumsiest of the bunch, he sometimes gets overexcited and acts before thinking.

Nevertheless, he is a fun-loving boy whom girls adored later in the original series. He has a non-related lookalike named Arthur Owens also played by Christopher Knight , who is shown in the episode "Two Petes in a Pod".

Peter is also the only one in the family with brown eyes—all the others had blue or green eyes. Peter was the only Brady child to not have a spouse or significant other when The Bradys was cancelled.

Jan Brady Jan, as portrayed in the original series by Eve Plumb. In addition, Jan is also insecure about having freckles and wearing glasses , embarrassed about the fact she does not have a boyfriend later in the series she invents a fictional boyfriend named "George Glass" in an effort to save her reputation , and concerned about her future appearance.

In January , this became the subject of an internet meme. As a young teen, Jan had a striking resemblance to her great-aunt Jenny played by Imogene Coca in her younger days. The two met in college he was her professor. However, they are unable to conceive their own children and in The Bradys adopt a Korean girl named Patty. Child actress Debi Storm who later appeared on The Brady Bunch episode "My Fair Opponent" as Molly was hand-picked by producer Sherwood Schwartz to play Jan Brady in the original series, until he decided to cast all blondes for the roles of the three daughters.

The precocious and often overlooked youngest boy, Bobby was often portrayed as a whimsical dreamer, fantasizing about having various adventurous lifestyles, such as being a race car driver , a cowboy , and an astronaut.

On one occasion, one of his fantasies came true when he got to play football with Joe Namath. Bobby is going through rehabilitative therapy when he marries his girlfriend, Tracy Martha Quinn.

Bobby — who had dropped out of business school to pursue his dream of racing cars — resumes his originally intended career path, joining Peter in a business venture. Cindy Brady Cindy, as portrayed in the original series by Susan Olsen. She was portrayed as a naive, but occasionally precocious little girl, who was most often seen wearing her hair in corkscrew curls or braids and had a pronounced lisp. She frequently liked to snoop and share secrets she had found out. In one episode, the family had to help her correct her habit of tattling.

Cindy Brady also had various failed attempts at fame, such as attempting to break a world record for teeter-tottering , appearing on a game show on which she suffered from stage fright and had a catatonic attack , and trying to become "the new Shirley Temple ". At the radio station, she becomes romantically involved with her boss Ken Michelman , a Jewish widower who is more than 15 years her senior and has two children.

The relationship did not have time to develop before The Bradys was cancelled. Alice Nelson Alice, as portrayed by Ann B. Alice Nelson center , best known to television viewers as simply Alice, is the housekeeper to the Brady family. She was portrayed by Ann B. Alice grew up in the same neighborhood as the Bradys, graduating from Westdale High School, the school Greg and Marcia attended in the series.

Alice was the housekeeper to Mike Brady, his previous wife who died before the series started , and their three boys. Alice stayed on, to be the housekeeper for not only his boys, but for his new wife Carol and her three daughters. Alice was generally impartial toward the children, although she presented Jan with a locket at one point, "from one middle sister to another". Alice was best known for telling jokes often self-deprecating , and usually interspersed with drier humor than the rest of the Brady clan , which were almost invariably met with multiple "Oh, Alice!

Alice was also known for her sky-blue housekeeping uniform, which she almost always wore. Physical activity would sometimes cause Alice to throw her back out, making her immobile for a short period of time.

Emma once filled in for Alice when Alice traveled out of town. Alice quit her job at one point when she felt the children no longer trusted her, becoming a waitress at a local restaurant. Her replacement Kay Mary Treen , who did her work faithfully, but never tried to become close with the Bradys, told the kids where to find her "The Golden Spoon at Fourth and Oak In the final season, Alice and Sam were engaged.

Alice and Sam have won awards in Charleston dancing and bowling , which was parodied in The Brady Bunch Movie , in which Sam gave Alice a new bowling ball instead of an engagement ring. In the s parody movies, Alice was played by actress Henriette Mantel.

In the first film, Davis makes a cameo as a truck driver whose CB handle is "Schultzy". The role of Alice was originally to have been played by Monty Margetts, but at the last minute the role was recast because producers of the show changed their mind about casting Joyce Bulifant , who was originally cast as Carol Brady, and instead replaced her with Florence Henderson , who took on the role.

While he is frequently mentioned in dialogue, Sam actually appears in only eight episodes, although his appearances span all of the seasons. Sam was portrayed by Allan Melvin. Cousin Oliver stays with the Brady family during the last six episodes of the fifth and final season of The Brady Bunch.

Cousin Oliver was played by actor Robbie Rist. Cousin Oliver was eight years old Rist was actually nine and very young in contrast to the other kids, all of whom were twelve or older—an apparent attempt to restore some of the appeal the series had enjoyed when the other children were younger.

Some fans would later call the addition of Cousin Oliver the moment when the series " jumped the shark ". The addition of younger children to sitcoms that seem to have run their course, in an attempt to improve declining ratings, became a television trend popularly known as "Cousin Oliver Syndrome". The original dog used was run over by an automobile and died of his injuries before the fourth episode, but a replacement look-alike was found.

Tiger appeared in a total of ten episodes. Fluffy only appeared in "The Honeymoon" episode from season one, and was never seen again.


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