His father John W. Benner was a businessman. Benner attended public schools and held positions at J. He was chief owner of the Akron Printing Company. He remained an officer of the Central Savings and Trust Company for the rest of his career. Benner married Nillie E.

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English Dear fellow traveler, The visit to this website, is no coincidence. Coincidence does not exist. Each event, without exception, is originally a thought. Where did your idea come from? The fact is that a thought brought you to this site. This site has a message for you, at least if you accept it.

Be aware that your permission to allow the message whether or not is the result of a thought. You are always welcome on this site now and in the future. A search that will finally always end in ourselves because in ourselves is the spiritual connection with God that you also may call Allah or Great Spirit.

It is this powerful divine and creative energy of our universe to which we belong. God has created everything in His order, which is visible in the nature around us.

In the flower that comes out of its button and the chick that is being released from his egg. We are part of this nature and the divine laws of nature associated with them. Every person, without any exception, carries the divine spark within himself and if we want to open or increase the connection channels with this divine spirit we should be prepared to open our hearts and to subordinate our on earth formed personality to the Divine Spirit.

That is why over the centuries many teachers on Earth told us to watch the signs and signals in our lives, to open our hearts, to feel inwardly what these signs are saying to us so that we let us be guided through our thought, word and deed by the energy coming this divine source, which is present in us and emerges that way. God, who represents the Good, is our only true Teacher, and He is not outside us but within us as the source of which we are part of.

By living these experiences we are consciously be traced back to the divine path. Experiences that we consider good and experiences that we consider bad bear all these message if …… we are willing to to accept this.

To you who read, I speak. For that reason his name was not mentioned in the first editions of the book. As author was mentioned the name Anonymous, In , three years after his passing, the thirteenth edition of the booklet appeared thanks to benevolent gifts of those who supported the book and followed the path of the impersonal life. This edition was dedicated to Joseph S. Benner and two special letters which has been found by his daughter in an old wallet were added.


Joseph Sieber Benner



Joseph S. Benner (1872-1938)


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