Jun 19, Jennifer Hill rated it it was ok This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I had such high hopes when I purchased this ebook. The premise caught my attention right away, and when I began reading, I was relieved to find that the writing style had a nice pace and was virtually free of the grammatical and usage errors that sometimes slip through the cracks during the proofreading process at a lot of epublishers. However, I began to notice about a quarter of the way through the story that, while the author was making a tremendous effort often ham-handedly to show that I had such high hopes when I purchased this ebook.

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When you have two Pentecostal preachers on a mission, there is sure to be some tambourine-shaking, shouts of Hallelujah, and some prayers answered. The young man was loyal, compassionate, steadfast, had a good head on his shoulders, the ability to provide, and would kill anything that threatened their granddaughter or great-grandson without a second thought and without mercy.

No one attempted to stare down Tosya Aleksandrovich…with good reason. He was danger personified. Opening his senses, Tosya was surprised to discover that he was being sized up by a boy who appeared to have just entered elementary school.

He was about to beg their pardon, when the imp showed him a picture. All Rights Reserved. Yngvi smiled. Like her eyeballs had something better to look at. He responded by showing a smile that was the wet dream of many a dentist.

Instead of being offended by the description, he embraced it. A, she had the brains to make her fantasy of him dying a gruesome death come true. The fact that she ignored his stunning presence was a clue that despite her impressive CV, something was wrong with her. While the man was as mild-mannered as they came, all bets were off when it came to his bride. His bride who was intent on having her way regardless of who she had to ride roughshod over.

This was how he ended up in Bluegrass, Kentucky at a food truck run by a sorority comprised of women who, in his opinion, needed to be sized for good-fitting straight jackets. Yngvi was going to mention that until he witnessed one of the chicks demonstrate how to bust free from a litany of items including duct tape, hand cuffs, a straight jacket, and one of those face muzzles people who practiced extreme BDSM used.

There was also the fact that there was a freaking enchantress in the group. However, since the good women of the Bluegrass Chapter of Rho Beta Omicron Tau had introduced him to the delights of corn pudding and derby pie, he could forgive their taste in attire.

He now understood why Isoke had sent him on this mission to bring back food. Thank Odin for that miracle. And also, thank Odin for whoever taught these women to cook. Good cooking, like good loving, covered a lot of faults including an abundance of crazy. I was going to ask if you were just fucking retarded. She was merely considering how she was going to do him in. Their HR department was getting ready to get a workout.

Atlanta might already be chock full of badazz women, but there was always room for one more.


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