My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is the most magical book I have ever read. And I have read Harry Potter, mind me. It is short, and beautiful on its own way. It is, for me, the definition of a story.

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Start your review of Incarceron Incarceron, 1 Write a review Jan 12, Cory rated it it was ok I know many of you are staring at my two star review with amazement. This is one of the greatest steam-punk novels ever written! How can you rate it without even finishing it? Of course the hero has to be of royal blood I know many of you are staring at my two star review with amazement.

Of course the hero has to be of royal blood because having an actual peasant save the day is unheard of. Of course we must have two-dimensional characters, a romance that goes nowhere, and a villain that resembles a weak caricature of the Lady of the Green Kirtle in the Silver Chair. Incarceron is filled with interesting ideas -- all of which come from a myriad of other places.

But you know how that goes. I have so many books on my to-reads list, they might not get read until next year. Claudia is set to marry Casper, son of the Queen. Casper is a one dimensional idiot who I doubt has all the luck with women that Fisher would have us believe. He reminds me somewhat of Ron Weasley. His mother, the Queen, is evil. That part is never explained. The warden is also evil. I guess because being evil is more fun? Emperor Palpatine certainly looks happy.

Anyway, we have a bunch of other characters like Jared. More than her and Finn anyway. Have you read His Dark Materials? If so, you know what Pullman pulled in the second book. Yes, he pushed Lyra into the background for Will, the boring everyman. God, after he came into the series I was bored out of my mind. And Pullman has the nerve to call CS Lewis sexist. Finn, like Will, is boring. Every time the story went back to him I kind of skimmed until it went back to Claudia.

He had no personality. The only interesting thing about Finn was his connection to Claudia. Can we stop lying to ourselves? Stop throwing in bland heroes that no one cares about. Thank you. But I digress. Her solution: find the dead prince, Giles, because obviously, instead of killing him, the evil villains tossed him into a prison and wiped his memory.

Who cares? Keiro is awesome. I actually think him, Casper, and Claudia would make interesting love triangle material. Gildas, the mentor. Attilia, the slave girl with a crush on Finn. The world building itself was somewhat dumb. The world of Incarceron made no sense. I believe another reviewer said something about Australia not being a continent full of thieves and idiots.

Sometimes it wanted to a Historical Romance, other times Science-Fiction, other times a Fantasy, other times Steampunk, and other times a Dystopian. It was poor. We made up a word.

What do these people do that makes then any different from Caspers? As for the writing? At times, it was confusing. The pacing was off, way off, and this was pages too thick. And trust me, I came into this book with a very open mind. I wanted to love it, but it failed me.



While he negotiates the hideous maze of the prison, Claudia makes her way through the equally deadly labyrinth of political intrigue. And are cool with that? Incarceron — Incarceron is a young-adult fantasy and science fiction novel written by Catherine Fisher that was first released on May 3, I guess they get married? Puedes descargar Apple Books desde App Store.



Incarceron is vast and expands through whole villages, forests, cells and corridors. Setting[ edit ] Incarceron is a futuristic prison and an artificial world—a living artificial world run by Incarceron, an artificial intelligence. This tireless, inhuman "overlord" controls all life as it monitors inmates by means of cameras that appear as glowing red lights and dispenses punishment and death on a daily basis without mercy. Escape from Incarceron is a concept which few believe in, except those who insist that Sapphique, the legendary Sapient, has in fact achieved this very act. The prisoners and seventy Sapienti inside were sealed off from the world in order to control all variables in this experiment, with the exception of the prison Warden to oversee the project. The Realm[ edit ] The Sapienti created Incarceron during a time of advanced technology and discovery. However, since then, King Endor released a royal decree that Time would be "stopped" in order for humanity to survive, and now the Realm is trapped in the 17th century.


Incarceron Series


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