The Big Idea: Billionaire oil tycoon Seymour Schulich gives advice to entrepreneurial year-olds: success comes by working diligently, being patient and capitalizing on the right opportunity. Here is a sampling of the best ones. How it works: Make a pros and cons list for a decision, framed by a question Eg Should I go to Western? Think of the cons as opportunity costs for taking the next best course of action.

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Start your review of Get Smarter: Life and Business Lessons Write a review Apr 04, Peter N rated it really liked it This book reads like afternoon coffee with a grandfather, whose pride, confidence and self-satisfaction at how well hes lived his life initially deter you youre guarded and dismissive.

But then, youre humbled by his successes, his moments of insight, his laidback conversational style, and after enough cups of caffeine, you eventually find yourself stimulated and eager to pick his brain a little more. This is his only book. The information is scattered sporadically, with short and sweet chapters dedicated to a cornucopia of topics ranging from advice on life, business, investment, decision-making, sales, China? Schulich, who made most of his money in the oil industry, attempts to impart dozens of potentially useful ideas, rather than two or three main ones.

His writing is refreshingly simple. Sections are brief. This makes it all highly readable and re-readable, but the information sometimes feels random, challenging to retain, and almost impossible to summarize without re-listing. Light reading often makes for heavy amnesia.

The answer: play him at anything but chess. Always ask, where do I have the edge? All of these ventures went sour because the people running them had no advantage, no natural edge. By thirty, though, you should have a clear direction. In my opinion, a key is to find work in a business with high profit margins Accountants and lawyers are the major exceptions to this rule.

Nobody is thinking about you. Avoid swine. A swine will always be a swine, even if, for the moment, he is acting in an unswine-like fashion. You cannot reform swine. Appearance is frequently reality. No matter what they told you in university. Envy no one—ever 5.

But true. Never bring news of slander to a friend. Exercise: aerobically, three times a week. Strength training, twice a week There are a lot of diseases and health demons out there that you do not want to know or obsess about. Deal only with the issues directly affecting you and your family. Keeping yourself mentally stimulated is important — maybe even critical—to a long life. My wise, street-smart father told me I would be very lucky to have two close friends in my lifetime outside my family.

Investors are too influenced by recent history. He really, really likes China.. Observations I have accumulated [more detailed]: a Deferred compensation. Growth stocks also bad. Business is a means to an end, namely freedom to pursue the ultimate goal of trying to make the world a better place for your having been here for a very short while. Luck favours the brave.


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Get Smarter: Life and Business Lessons


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