Use newmediamedicine. Use the previous experience of others to help you maximise your chances. Start studying early. If you have any decent level of english the essay section will be fine. Use Khan academy online videos, really helped me through. You have to want it.

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They cover about half a test each and are meant to give you an idea about the type of questions you can expect at the test. And that may be deceiving. All that you are told is that the questions require knowledge at the following levels: Biology and Chemistry - 1st year university Physics - Year 12 English - general proficiency But the questions are not really based on knowledge-recall.

They are more "solution seeking" or requiring "problem solving" abilities. What that means is - you must be very proficient: know but also understand. To answer questions you will need to analyse the problem. The real problem is that this is all done under pressure with limited time. Go to their websites to get more info about the courses. The test will take a full day: from 8 till about 4pm. It goes like this: Humanities and Social Sciences - min, 75 questions Break - 20 min Written communication essays - 1 hr, 2 topics Break - 1 hr Physical Sciences - min, questions Take lunch and anything sugar, drugs, whatever that can keep you going - especially in the afternoon for the sciences section.

The Results These come in the mail in the last week of May. You get four scores: one for each section and the weighted overall score. With this comes a graph of overall result percentiles so that you can compare your performance against others. See the Admissions page for what you need to get. ACER also handles the University application process, so you should receive an application form and booklet with the result.

For details follow these links The test results are good for two years and, since , you can attempt the test as many times as you like. Also to note is that scores are rescaled so that results from any year can be compared to other year scores. The structure is also a little bit different. There is another test, also developed by ACER, which is used in the selection for some undergraduate medical and dental courses.



Zoloshicage Scoring well in the GAMSAT is not just about preparation, there are lots of things you need to be gamsat guru method of on exam day that could be crucial to how you score. As in the first section, if you are not used to writing or you are from an English as a second language background, you will need to concentrate on this section more than usual. Follow 5 This is the most crucial aspect for success in section 3. You will get dozens of textbooks and lock yourselves away from your family and friends for months in GAMSAT preparation. Follow 8 Lots, I want to get ahead. But gamsat guru method I ask those of you currently undertaking GEM and those seriously planning to do so — how do you manage?!


GAMSAT Guide/Recommended Books

The content available for free includes a free PDF and a ten-day email course, also available at gamsatpreparation. The paid content consists of practice questions for section I and III, and although the course has not been released, it should include a section on essay-writing for section II. Michael Tan argues that the GAMSAT was designed to get a new sort of medical school candidate: rather than attracting fresh out of high school swotters and nerds, the GAMSAT was designed to prefer a more rounded, older postgraduate student. The test is therefore less based on swotting and studying material and more about ranking understanding and comprehension between students with widely different backgrounds. Michael Tan argues that this is why ACER includes so many complicated diagrams and long test passages in the questions.


Use newmediamedicine. Use the previous experience of others to help you maximise your chances. Start studying early. If you have any decent level of english the essay section will be fine.

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