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Development Staff: Hmm, a little over a year. Staff: For the new characters, we were unable to connect them to the story, so that meant we had more freedom in designing them. We wanted to make a really flashy, cool character with Kisaragi, and with Temjin, we were going for a lovable character. We were trying to rival King of Fighters in that way. Staff: The biggest challenge was balancing all the different characters. CPU battles. How did you approach that balance in this game? Staff: Well, just as you said, in the first game we were trying to pursue an interesting story, which necessarily meant more emphasis on the CPU battles.

To that end, we intended for the vs. Is it all done by one person in planning, or? Staff: The designers for each character, and the planners, get together and write it all out. Concept art for Temujin. The Karnov-style character and bearded cowboy character are early alternate designs. Where do you come up with all them? Staff: This time, we used the names from the previous game as our basis. Staff: The person worriedly peeking through that door is the Garcia family butler.

Staff: The promoter of the King of Fighters tournament has sent their underlings to watch the proceedings. They can be found in each stageā€¦ see if you can spot them! What kind of game will it be? I think it depends on the reaction of the players! Ryuhaku Todoh was also an early candidate for inclusion in Aof2, but for some reason was later dropped. The Japanese theme makes sense for his character, but ultimately a modern airport setting was chosen. Concept art for Robert Garcia, modeling three different potential outfits.

Concept art for King. The image on the right is an earlier design. Concept art for Jack Turner showing an early design somewhat reminiscent of Ray Jackson from Bloodsport. Part-time model. Relatively masculine personality. A quiet girl who is good at studying. Somewhat sickly. A child about 10 years old, thinks of Yuri as her big sister.


Capcom Illustrations - Gamest Mook 17



Gamest Mook Vol 57 - "Dead or Alive"



source: gamest mook 17


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