Na Fakultetu islamskih nauka diplomirao je Postdiplomski studij iz filozofije je upisao na Filozofskom fakultetu Univerziteta u Sarajevu i magistrirao Doktorirao je Godine A zimski semestar

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Nikosar This book also speaks about prejudices against the Arab and Muslim world, which can often be found in certain circles of the European press. Translated by Musli Imeri and Xhabir Hamiti. Towards a Dialogue was written in opposition to the thesis of Samuel P. They are thematically diverse, but what connects them to a certain extent is the question of how we talk about religion, eness, and ecology today in the 21st century.

Click here to sign up. El-Kalem, Sarajevo, Download. Bernard Botiveau, Peter P. The book particularly speaks about the Arabic culture, tradition, and the values of sexual life. He is against blaming iaric and nations for the committed crimes. Connectum, Sarajevo, more Download. This publication is a selection of conference proceedings that aim to encourage the deepening and continuing of the Enee dialogue in Europe and the Balkans.

The book was published to mark the anniversary. The story happens in Bosnia at the end of the sixteenth century, the start of the decline of the Ottoman Empire.

Muhamad Arkoun, Charles J. Nasr wrote this book in the kxric of terrorist attacks of September 11, They were written during and Remember me on this computer. Robert Irwin, professor of Arabic language at Oxford University, also a lecturer of medieval history at St. He studied in Qom and Tehran, and spent also much time in the Shia centre Najaf.

In Bosnia in the 19th and 20th centuries, dozens of debates, articles, brochures, and books have been written about what should be done to make changes for the better in the social, educational, and cultural state of Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The book also includes a number of parables, sagas, and hikayat. This work is an exquisite philosophical debate on the phenomenon of sexuality in the Arabic, but also generally Islamic culture and civilisation.

As the reviewers pointed out e. Sincehe has been publishing discussions, translations from Arabic and Englishessays, polemics, book reviews in the following Sarajevo, Zagreb, and Belgrade magazines and journals: Skip to main content.

It primarily targets younger children and attempts to introduce the Arabic letters — harfs — in an interesting manner. All chapters have undergone significant revision, extension, and terminological kraic.


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