Type in "ncpa. You will get the Network Connection window. Right-click on Local Area Connection if you use wired network connection. Right click on Wireless Network Connection if you use wireless adapter.

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Page 3: Chapter 1introduction Frequency Band: 2. Page 4: Physical Description Warning: Your settings will be deleted and replaced with the factory default settings.

Status Power is supplied. No Power. Flash Antenna is transmitting or receiving data. Antenna is not transmitting or receiving data. A valid link is established. Flash It is transmitting or receiving data. No link is established. The best location for your Access Point is usually at the center of your wireless network, with line of sight to all of your wireless Connect the Wireless LAN Access Point to your router, hub or switch.

Follow the instructions below to do the configuration. From Wired Station 1. The Network Connections window will appear. The Local Area Connection window will appear. Select it and click the Properties button. The Control Panel window will appear. Double-click Network and Dial-up Connections icon. Page 9: Configuration From Wireless Station 3. A screen will be popped up and request you to enter user name and password.

The default user name and password is as follows. Page Configuring The Access Point 3. The settings have been successfully saved but will not take effect immediately. You have to restart the access point to make the new settings take effect. Page 13 Universal Repeater mode setting page You can now configure other advance sections or start using the Access Point.

Parameter Encryption Key Format You can select one access point listed in this table. Page Security 3. With these security functions, you can prevent your wireless LAN from illegal access.

You can use a pre-shared key to authenticate wireless stations and encrypt data during communication. So the encryption key is not easy to be broken by hackers. This can improve security very much. You can use an external RADIUS server to authenticate wireless stations and provide the session key to encrypt data during communication.

Page Mac Address Filtering 3. Page System Utility 3. There is only one DHCP server allowed in one network. If you have a router or other DHCP server, please keep this feature disabled. Page Configuration Tool 3. Saving the configuration settings provides an added protection and convenience should problems occur with the Access Point and you have to reset to factory default.

Page Firmware Upgrade 3. Page Reset 3. Parameter Reset Description In the event that the system stops responding correctly or in some way stops functioning, you can perform a reset.

Page Chapter 4 Troubleshooting Chapter 4 Troubleshooting This chapter provides solutions to problems usually encountered during the installation and operation of the Access Point. This manual is also suitable for:.


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