Temuro Images in this database were previously restored from an archive tape. The unit will keep track of daylight savings time if applicable. Then msnual the controls to review activity backward from this moment. On the Intellex unit you will see several windows appear, each representing a new drive in the ESM. Unauthorized users can neither maunal covert cameras nor the Covert Mode tab.

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If you select Specify, specify a Start and an End time for your filter. Manuap the main screen or the playback screen appears. Any Filter — Xv this option to include any video segments in the search which the unit recorded because a filter was triggered.

To return to normal speed Play mode or to pause playback Pause modesimply release the mouse button. Set Per Camera Rate Mode 1. Page This setting requires the lowest amount of storage space. On-screen Controls — Use the mouse pointer to access unit functions.

Image Area — The Intellex unit displays both live and playback images in this area of the screen in the selected screen format. To draw an additional target area, repeat steps 1 through 3. To play back images from a single camera in reverse direction: The alarm connector provides one alarm input and one alarm output for each camera.

Under copyright laws, the contents of this manual may not be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any electronic medium or machine-readable form, in whole or in part, without prior This setting requires the lowest amount of storage space. This may result in an abnormal termination of archive or loss of some segments of information. Page 7 Serial Number: The Start menu appears. See for more information.

You must possess the Setup Display privilege to dv it see Security From the main screen, click the Setup button. Click the hours display. You must possess the appropriate privilege to access many of the utility options.

Intellex will notice that the size of the object that it was tracking has suddenly undergone a change. Use Camera Associations with Camera Scheduling to ensure that the information mmanual want from a particular camera is recorded. Connect a call monitor to the BNC connector on the Call Monitor board, connector 24, to see live video from a single camera Call mode or from alarmed cameras in sequence Spot mode. Then use the controls to review activity backward from this moment.

Click No to cancel the operation and return to the alarm review screen. If there are multiple Intellex units in the same domain or workgroup, follow these instructions to change the computer name. The user will no longer have access to the system. Gain Mode Use the Gain Mode tab to set the gain level for each camera. If the Latch Messages option is selected see Alarm Setupthe unit displays the alarm message until the Clear Latched button If archiving of image data is desired, start the archiving process BEFORE the d becomes full to prevent possible loss of data.

Power Indicator — This light appears when the unit is operating. The unit guides you through the following steps: The unit enables the filter name box. Live This privilege authorizes this user to enable playback of live Audio Streams. Click No to cancel the operation and return to the image enhancement screen. Related Posts.


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