Shelves: personal-favourites , want , classic-literature , university , books-to-read-before-you-die , fantasy , re-read , thriller , fantasy-sci-fi-challenge , classic-challenge Dracula: the very name instantly brings to mind visions of vampires, stakes, garlic and crucifixes. But when one bothers to read the novel they may realise how twisted modern vampire fiction has become. Vampires are not meant to exist as heroes. Go back a few hundred years and men believed truly that the vampire was a real immortal, cursed to quench his undying thirst with a living mortals blood.

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ISBN Replace the words in bold with the words below. Write the correct leteer next to each sentence, aul pie Cilesiet dpe omionhy 3 Match A to B to make sentences about the story There was aad odour them, 1, aunt Dracula waned 2. Hin Condition ie very deat Mina dd no want eave Lay, but she nec ogo Jonathan When she goto Baap, she ured ote opal Jonthan lke weak and pale an!

When they ane era andl his house, busines and money to Jonathan and in because ead no hide sown, An Evil Spirit him. The tess dl pe show nyhing wrong with et. Write the answers in your notebook. What was wrong with tc?

Pease be. Sh was vey le ater was oly te eet ner by. Yon Helsing dil ot think that she cold Ine ace Sent or Atha Holnwoed come immediacy acy might di in ber sep. The vamp nthe enfin twisted screamed then ysl. Everyone wat surprised Sethe ak peace om Lays fac. Ate dinette discs ight Drea They knew that Dracula wanted ocete more and more vanes. Dracla s he ai. But vamples abe some weakness They aie th pers ring the day only at nigh We canals se parc and he co fo tetan gaint ares: We ca il hem wth asta thugh he Fea.

We mus ot ose any te. We must po Carfax immediately Mina mst stay hee Its too dangerous fra As he shed speaking. The pictures are the clues. He hod shack n London lr week Where the bay? Can we uy a destroy this sue without fighting? She ws awake but she dd not remember nyihing am ying in the dak, very silt ike beng dead she sak "What dos this mean? He ona hip and tame Sse the ising box of earth i wth him. The Counts eaige wil tke to Castle Dracula ane wil be safe He cau wait 1 out his eb plans at we wil lose na oer ce - We have allo hi.

You can hypnotism and dicover what ee 1 know wil changing me lease pr the same fr mi at youd or Ly that may, a est you a as Min ask Pofewor Van Helsing. Dr Seward, Jonathan, Mina Harker and tin Pris, Te day ater, hey ween Var, pearing, Tey went the pole and got permission o open he box on the fen eel, As they wad carn Cathrine They sad conan roming Bt the next dy, the ships mot ape. Van Helsing ti! A pean with anemia feels te, pale and thle hear beat faster Sometimes, the doctor sugges taking Irom tablets, ecause they help the Bd ake mre el lod ell: Hemophila is 2 rare disease ofthe Hoe.

Ia pron with this dca fall or gets cut they may bed excessively Unfortunately, there Int any cur for this case and people with empha mist be Cael thie ole ves.

People cannot itu Hod 4 Aperson with anemia can lnk 5 Arson with hemophilia ast be 6 Yaucant hemopiia ot ofa, 2 Write T true oF F alse next to each sentence, 2.


┬┐respuestas del libro dracula bram stoker burlington?

Mientras en Londres Mina Murray prometida de Jonathan Harker comienza ha impacientarse por su tardanza. Teniendo al joven Harker prisionero en su castillo, el Conde decide viajar a Londres, pero este debe realizar el viaje metido en cajones con tierra de Transilvania, ya que debe descansar en la tierra sagrada de su patria. Al mismo tiempo la joven Mina decide pasar una temporada con su amiga Lucy Westernra, para encontrar un poco de descanso. Jonathan y Mina tras habersen casado en el convento llegan a Londres.


Dracula 4┬║ ESO Burlington Books







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