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With calculated columns, you can add new data to a table already in your model. For example, you might choose to concatenate values from two different columns in two different but related tables, do addition, or extract substrings.

You can name your columns whatever you want, and add them to a report visualization just like other fields. Le colonne calcolate calcolano i risultati usando DAX, un linguaggio delle formule pensato per essere usato con dati relazionali, come quelli in Power BI Desktop. DAX include una libreria con oltre funzioni, operatori e costrutti. DAX includes a library of over functions, operators, and constructs.

It provides immense flexibility in creating formulas to calculate results for just about any data analysis need. Le formule DAX somigliano alle formule di Excel. DAX formulas are similar to Excel formulas.

In effetti, DAX ha molte funzioni analoghe ad Excel. In fact, DAX has many of the same functions as Excel. Le funzioni DAX, tuttavia, sono concepite per funzionare su dati suddivisi in modo interattivo o filtrati in un report, come in Power BI Desktop.

DAX functions, however, are meant to work over data interactively sliced or filtered in a report, like in Power BI Desktop. In Excel, you can have a different formula for each row in a table.

In Power BI, quando si crea una formula DAX per una nuova colonna, viene calcolato un risultato per ogni riga della tabella. I valori della colonna vengono ricalcolati in base alle esigenze, ad esempio quando vengono aggiornati i dati sottostanti e vengono modificati i valori. Column values are recalculated as necessary, like when the underlying data is refreshed and values have changed. Jeff is a shipping manager at Contoso, and wants to create a report showing the number of shipments to different cities.

Jeff has a Geography table with separate fields for city and state. But, Jeff wants their reports to show the city and state values as a single value on the same row. Al momento, la tabella Geography di Jeff non contiene il campo desiderato. But with a calculated column, Jeff can put together the cities from the City column with the states from the State column.

Jeff fa clic con il pulsante destro del mouse sulla tabella Geography, quindi sceglie Nuova colonna. Jeff right clicks on the Geography table and then selects New Column.

Immette quindi la formula DAX seguente nella barra della formula:Jeff then enters the following DAX formula into the formula bar: Questa formula crea semplicemente una nuova colonna denominata CityState. This formula simply creates a new column named CityState.

Per ogni riga della tabella Geography, acquisisce i valori dalla colonna City, aggiunge una virgola e uno spazio, quindi concatena i valori della colonna State. For each row in the Geography table, it takes values from the City column, adds a comma and a space, and then concatenates values from the State column. Ora Jeff ha il campo che vuole.

Now Jeff has the wanted field. Jeff can now add it to the report canvas along with the number of shipments. With minimal effort, Jeff now has a CityState field that can be added to just about any type of visualization. When Jeff creates a new map, Power BI Desktop already knows how to read the city and state values in the new column. To learn more about columns you create as part of a query, see the Create custom columns section in Common query tasks in Power BI Desktop.


Traduzione di "concatenare" in inglese

The light-gray boxes identify a system function or an informational item. The first JCL member will execute the demonstration program. The second JCL member will create the test files used by the job that does data set concatenation. Demonstrate how to add records to a sequential file. TXT file as input. This is a sequential load process.


Combine several text files into a single file in Unix

In addition, you can chain the notes of the tracks created in Nero SoundTrax. It allows you to chain method calls for better readability. Making the multiple means to concatenate these machines instead of hooking them up to the apparatuses of the one. Il comando cat file destinato a concatenare file al dispositivo di output standard legge un file e ne visualizza il contenuto sul terminale. The cat file command intended to concatenate files to the standard output device reads a file and displays its contents on the terminal.




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