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Social Skills In this article, you will learn how to convince someone, be it woman, man, a client, your parents, children and in general anyone. Developing this skill will help you both in your professional and personal lives, as it will allow you to influence others. Well, so how to convince someone? To convince a person of what you believe is to make him accept a new belief or renew his knowledge about preexisting ideas. Not everyone will accept your ideas from the first try, but there are ways to increase your chances of convincing others of what you believe or want.

After that, you can introduce yours. If the person does not have previous beliefs in your proposal, you can start by talking about them. This is not a bad thing, it is a simple exchange. The reward can be from economic to do a job, to teaching to do something, etc. Look for something that does not cost you too much. For example, if you are an electrician, you can give in return the arrangement of some appliance. On the other hand, transmitting scarcity is communicating that your product or your person is limited and that at any moment you can go or spend.

If you talk to people when they are more relaxed, open and in a good mood, you will be more likely to give in your requests or proposals. In addition, people are more influential if they feel in debt for something.

There is nothing wrong with asking for favors, as long as you do not lack respect for the other person. If you do not know the person well, it is necessary to do it and find points in common among you, in addition to communicating them. People often feel safer and more comfortable with people who look like them. Another point to remember is not to talk too much about our life and talk much more than what the other person likes. Ask questions to find out what you like and passionate about, then ask questions about what you like and finally convey that something also interests you.

Talking affirmatively will help you make your intentions clear and avoid misunderstandings. Read about Assertive Communication. Provide clear evidence to support your proposals, arguments, and ideas.

The more evidence you can give to support and strengthen your argument, the less skeptical the other person will feel and the easier it will be to convince you. When you see it, you can talk a little about what you want to convince and then talk about something else, continuing to talk about the subject only if the interlocutor is interested.

This is logical because you will not demonstrate motivation, persistence, and enthusiasm when communicating it. When someone is convinced of an idea, it transmits energy and manages to have others create it as well. This, for example, applies to entrepreneurs who believe that their idea is valuable; they often pass it on to other people, are persistent and often build a business. The more convinced you are of your ideas or what you want to propose, the more confident and convincing you will be for others.

How do we get it? How can we influence others using our non-verbal language? Therefore, on the next occasion, when you try to convince others: look with your head straight not down , shoulders back and back straight. There is research confirming that we see more competent and confident people who communicate with gestures, compared to others who leave their hands still or in their pockets.

Hands gesture —Hand gestures help the audience to visualize the message and to better remember and understand the message. Imitate postures and actions of the person with whom you speak. This will build a rapport between the two while facilitating communication. Speaking slowly seems like the communicator is calmer, while quick talking seems to be reactive to external circumstances.

Can you imagine getting married talking fast? Something like if I were the narrator of a story or story. Talking in a high tone will make you appear more anxious and nervous while speaking in a medium tone will make you appear more confident and strong.

The same using the sense of humor. Are not leaders who speak to the public more convincing than those who read the speech? Related Posts:.



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