Shaktilrajas Provided with adapter cable. Even single apartments can enjoy the benefits of remarkable versatility. Self-diagnostic system for checking system state. Each command is managed simply by tapping on the front: It also offers the advantages of advanced functionalities, such as the convenience of the free interphone, video-surveillance, 1 exchange among many other solutions. No programming terminal required in Bibus 2nd Edition systems with up to 3 main call stations. Opening of 2 locks related to the same door phone entrance pedestrian or garage.

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Kajigar Two conversations at the same from two main stations. The switchboard in an IPervoice system can receive all system information: For use on common backbone. Urmet has developed a series of software products suitable for all systems: Web Newsletter Product novelties, events, promotions and courses: The loudspeaking unit is separate from the handset speaker; the volume can be adjusted Mute function indicated by a green led.

Possibility of door opening code for every user. They are compatible with all system types and have styles for all market needs. Provided with adapter cable. With a cordless phone, you can take incoming calls from anywhere in your home, e. Saving, consumption optimisation and safety Suitable for all indoor environments A large display for quick setting readouts User-friendly: Many features to be appreciated, all easy to manage.

Wide angle camera and aid for physically impaired persons, included in all versions. Five ring tones can be selected. To guarantee effective safety, the gas leak detector must be combined with a solenoid valve that can interrupt the gas flow when there is an alarm. Each apartment station can be chosen according to requirements and up to three apartment stations can be installed in parallel. See the caatlogue compatibility table on page 31 for extensions, distances and number of users.

In the year Urmet is one of the first in the World to design a Video door phone system. DIN bar 10 modules. Software Domus Draw An automatic quoting system, with a simple interface allows to visualise and choose the components of the installation and to obtain the quote in just one click. Possibility of connecting a colour video module catallogue connecting a printer for printing out traffic data.

Ideal for simple blocks of flats with a single entrance door and one rising column, Bibus VOP is the answer also for complex compounds with several buildings and several catalohue, in which common entry panels and secondary entry panels for each staircase are needed.

Cataloguf programming terminal required in Bibus 2nd Edition systems with up to 3 main call stations. FULL LEVEL All the advantages of a complete and modular offer, which can be updated and integrated with the evolution of the system requirements, with video management solutions foreseeing local and remote operation, with exchange between systems.

These are only some of the advantages of the system which brings something more to the , with flexible solutions, ideal for applications spanning from villas and blocks of flats, to residential compounds. Alba Urmet Door Phone: Capable of managing up to 64 buttons. Comfort and Low mode temperature settings. General Aviation Catalogue General Aviation. There are two installation types: We encourage all employees to recognize that learning and growth can continue throughout their careers.

DIN bar, 2 modules. Controlled using button on door phone, catalogeu switchboard, digitised loudspeaking unit. IMQA Level 1 By means of an encoded digital dialogue, this interface may be used to transmit information related to alarms and system status to surveillance control rooms.

Ready for mounted on wall and on DIN bar. The Pabx is fit for optional services such as: Related Articles.



Two call generators are present for differentiated calls between services. Traditional and electronic call door phone are used. Ideal for an increasingly more demanding market, Imago has a keypad with a wide range of control options: The request for complete security in offices and shops is also on the rise. Recently, Denon has incorporated this experience and Very easy to install: It has a simple, intuitive interface and voice and digital communicators for transmitting alarm information to users and control rooms. Each interface can offer various integration needs. Fire protection has become a legal requirement in an increasingly high number of applications.


Dukus sacotel is the EXCLUSIVE AGENT of the below international brands in Lebanon The gas detector range features other environmental control instruments: This calling module — with two soft-touch and vandal-roof versions — manages two locks for managing, for example a pedestrian entrance and a garage door and is provided with integrated access control. Provided with a drawn aluminium front panel with plastic material headers, button holder frame with metal buttons and flush-mounting box. A general catalogue of molecular Switchboards With IPervoice the concierge desk is turned into a service centre connected to all the buildings and apartments. In this way, villas and villa compounds can benefit from a system with integrated video surveillance on monitor, cyclic camera selection function, double entrance management pedestrian and garageintercom functions, additional service activation, such as water sprinklers and staircase lights.


Among the novelties, there also are the new kits, with 4 and 8-entry DVRs, camera and power supply. Solutions for all locations: For use in audio systems only. One K-Steel module in size. Traditional PSTN domestic and international numbers can be called at very advantageous rates.

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