By using this manual, user will be able to understand about their product deeper. Therefore, operating and treating the camera better will be something possible. The only aim is to educate the users of this camera to use this product better so that they can result a good photographical image. The Overall Look of Canon PowerShot A IS It is generally known that look is something important that becomes a consideration for people in buying digital camera product.

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The PowerShot A IS is small and compact, and similar in style and overall design to other members of the PowerShot "A" series, with a darker, graphite body that stands out among the silver digital camera crowd.

Offering 4x optical zoom, a bright 2. The 4x optical zoom lens offers slightly more zoom than the average point-and-shoot digital camera, covering a range equivalent to mm on a 35mm camera. In addition to the 4x optical zoom, the PowerShot A IS features another 4x of digital zoom, which does a decent job of maintaining image quality despite the digital enlargement. We still remind readers that digital zoom compromises quality and resolution by digitally "stretching" the image.

With a full range of exposure modes from Easy to a full Manual mode this last being unusual in inexpensive digital cameras , the PowerShot A IS is a good fit for just about any experience level, and its offering of preset Scene modes help with a wide range of common-yet-tricky exposure situations.

Read on for all of the details. Although we expect it could get slippery if your hands were sweaty or wet. With compact dimensions of 3. With batteries and memory card installed, the A IS weighs in at 7.

Its 2. Look and feel. Compact, yet still slightly chunky in appearance, the Canon PowerShot A IS fits well into average-size pockets and most purses. With a large hand grip on the right side of the camera thanks to the AA battery compartment , the A IS is easy to grip one-handed, and a slight indentation at the top right of the rear panel provides a comfortable thumbrest. A large, bright, 2. Though the camera does not offer a LCD brightness adjustment, the Display button on the rear panel does cycle through information display modes, and you can enable a Gridline or Aspect Ratio display option through the Setup menu.

In addition to the 4x optical zoom, the PowerShot A IS also offers as much as 4x digital zoom, which does a good job of preserving image resolution and detail despite digital enlargement. We always like to remind readers that digital zoom inevitably results in lower resolution and detail, because the camera is simply cropping the center of the frame and enlarging it.

Canon offers the WC-DC52 0. Note that the wide, tele, and macro lenses all need the LA-DC52G adapter to mount them to the camera. The PowerShot A IS is equipped to handle a wide range of shooting conditions and scenarios, featuring a range of useful preset Scene and exposure modes, Face Detection and Motion Detection technology, Image Stabilization and powerful tools like ISO, white balance and color mode adjustments.

Right out of the box, most users should be able to simply point and shoot and get great results. The Zoom lever surrounds the Shutter button, so that it too is easily accessed while shooting one-handed. The remaining controls are on the rear panel and include a sliding switch that enables Record and Playback modes, a Four-way Multi-controller and central Set button, and four additional buttons.

All are within reach of you right thumb when shooting one-handed. Inside the menu screens, the Four-way Multi-controller navigates through selections, while the center Set button actually makes the selection. But for more complex functions like setting white balance or configuring color, saturation, sharpness or contrast, plan to spend about 30 minutes to an hour to really get to know the camera. One of the great things about the AIS is that a complete novice can just put it in "Easy" mode marked with a red heart on the mode dial and snap away, right out of the box.

Easy mode is a greatly simplified Auto mode, controlling everything but the flash. In the semi-auto and manual shooting modes, the PowerShot A IS offers an array of more advanced shooting functions, including the ability to choose ISO from 80 to 1, , white balance which includes a Custom setting , metering and exposure compensation.

Within the My Colors menu option of the Function menu, you can not only select a color mode, but also adjust the overall saturation, sharpness and contrast. Image stabilization can be set to any of four modes Off, Continuous, Shoot Only, and Panning via a record-menu option.

In our tests, we clocked the A IS at 1. The A IS is also equipped for capturing movies with sound. The x LP mode uses more image compression, producing smaller file sizes, but at some cost in image quality. A Self-timer option provides either a two- or second shutter delay for still shots, or you can set a custom countdown period for longer times up to 30 seconds, and from one to 10 shots captured when the timer runs out.

Special Features. Face Detection is useful for a number of reasons, but primarily because it tells the camera to set focus and exposure levels based on the faces in the image area, especially useful for backlit portraits. The A IS also offers a Face Detect and Track mode, which lets you manually highlight the face in the image area, then direct the camera to track that face if it moves.

Storage and battery. Fairly useless, frankly. Normal alkaline cells will give you enough power for about shots, while a set of NiMH rechargeable cells allows for about shots, according to the CIPA standard. The Mode dial on top lets you quickly set the exposure mode, while the dual-function control keys on the rear panel are quick to learn as is the LCD menu.

Most of the control icons are fairly self-explanatory, and the menu system is clear and logical. For example, startup times are a little better than average at 1. Shutter lag at wide angle and telephoto was good, at 0.

And cycle times were generally good as well, at 0. On the upside, download speeds were quite fast. The PowerShot A IS performed well in our testing, producing generally good color and exposure across a broad range of subjects.

Color is bright and vibrant, yet still natural and appealing. Bright reds and blues are a bit oversaturated, with some slight shifts in hue accuracy notably cyans toward blue for vibrant skies , which is very common among consumer digital cameras because many consumers prefer brighter-than-life color in their images.

And though the strong reds and blues are bright, I think most consumers will find overall color to their liking. Good fine detail in the mosaic pattern as well as in the more subtle shading of the peppers at ISO In the mosaic crop above, many digital cameras blur the more subtle areas of the skin and clothing mosaic pattern. Likewise, in the subtle details of the peppers in the bottle at right, the A IS again does a great job of holding onto fine detail.

At the highest ISO setting of 1,, both noise grain and noise suppression become very strong, blurring fine details and cooling color balance. Our laboratory resolution chart revealed sharp, distinct line patterns down to about 1, lines per picture height horizontally, and to about 1,, lines vertically.

Wide: Soft in the left corners upper left. Tele: Also soft in corners upper left. We also noticed a fair amount of chromatic aberration at both zoom settings, though the blurring in the corners likely intensified this effect. Fortunately, neither the chromatic aberration nor the blurring extended very far into the images at all: Overall optical quality seems better than many competing models. With its compact size, full range of exposure modes and options, 4x optical zoom, 8.

The camera performs well in a variety of situations, with fairly good overall responsiveness and timing, producing good quality images, with good exposure and overall color. The availability of a second maximum shutter time and the varying level of manual exposure control are also great bonuses, making the camera much more flexible than many in its price range.


Powershot A590IS Support

Do not install the batteries with their terminals reversed. Frame color Content Orange Displays the area of the image shown at the maunal right. You can extract and save stills from your favourite frames recorded in a movie. Erasing All Images You can erase images from a memory card. Single Images Select an image to transfer. Red laser pointers with presentation functions.


Canon Powershot A590 IS User Manual

Plenty of speed for most uses Decent high ISO performance Appealing simple interface, nice ergonomics Cons Enough improvements over the A to justify the slight initial price premium? What seemed like innovation the first time around starts to feel increasingly like little more than imitation as time goes on. Put differently, a successful performance is often a hard act to follow. Resolution is up slightly, from 7.


Canon A590IS - PowerShot IS Digital Camera Manuals & User Guides


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