March 24, Know the leaf of life plant The leaves are long and wide with the size cm X cm. At the top have complex joints, while in that the leaves appear simple. In one tree usually have leaves. The edges of the leaves are jagged and usually on the edge of the leaves grow new seeds. These seeds small crops will fall on their own gradually and will grow into new plants. Know the Flower of Life Plant The flower of this plant blooms over the stem at the very top.

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How to grow and maintain Bryophyllum pinnatum Air plant : Light: It thrives best in full sun to partial shade. It requires a minimum of four hours of sun daily. Soil: It grows best in a sandy, well-drained soil such as a cactus potting mix or one part peat moss mixed with two parts loam and sand. Water: Water your plant regularly during the growing season and always keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy.

You can allow the top 2 inches of soil to become slightly dry between each watering. Reduce watering during the winter months. Fertilizer: Fertilize every three months between March and September using a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted by half. Re-Potting: Re-pot your plant every spring, but only when the plant outgrows the pot.

Pick the next pot slightly bigger than the first one. Propagation: It can be easily propagated by seed, cutting, leaf, division or by means of the plantlets which at times growing up at the base of the petiole. Even a single leaf stuck into the soil or potting medium will take root. It grows easily roots at the end of a leaf stalk which has fallen onto the ground.

New plants are ready within months. Pests and Diseases: There is no serious pest or disease problems. The Air plant is subject to attacks of aphids and scale insects. Medicinal uses of Bryophyllum pinnatum : Bryophyllum pinnatum is valuable to treat conditions such as shortness of breath, kidney failure, menstrual problems, asthma, coughs, bronchitis, as well as the chest cold.

The fresh leaves of air plant can also be eaten raw as a medicinal remedy for asthma, bronchitis and intestinal problems. The crushed medicinal leaves of this herb will bring relief from insect bites, bruises, boils, and also skin ulcers. The leaf juice is utilized for the treatment of stomach ache. Toxicity: Bryophyllum pinnatum has been found to contain bufadienolide cardiac glycosides.

These can cause cardiac poisoning, particularly in grazing animals.


Leaf of Life (Bryophyllum pinnatum): 7 Benefits of the Miracle Leaf

Description[ edit ] Closeup of opening flower. The "leaves" of this species are actually leaf-stem combinations called phylloclades. They are thick, fleshy, elliptical in shape, curved, with a crenate or serrated margin, often reddish. The phylloclades are remarkable for their ability to produce bulblets. At their margin, between the teeth, adventitious buds appear, which produce roots, stems and leaves. When the plantlets fall to the ground, they root and can become larger plants. This is a fairly common trait in the subgenus Bryophyllum.


Bryophyllum pinnatum – House Plants

Nowadays, the plant is cultivated in Andhra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala in large scale and sold to pharmaceutical companies. It grows up well in slopes of the dry hill. It also grows in Indian plains. Bryophyllum pinnatum flowers Medicinal use of Bryophyllum pinnatum The rhizome of this plant can be used as a preventive of the kidney stone or for the treatment of this.

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