Remote control, configuration, and firmware updates can also be performed over these cables, offering you unparalleled control of your cameras. Cable compensation provides extended coaxial and UTP distance runs while preventing the image quality degradation caused by signal losses from long cable lengths. The optional IP Communications Module has hybrid functionality to protect your current analog technology investment while providing a clear and stable migration path to fully digital, IP-based solutions. This allows you to move to IP video at your own pace?

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The advanced built-in diagnostics ensure easy servicing, and minimize downtime. Reviews 0 Write a review beeudrycsvcqerzazuccdquxfdevzqzr. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. The AutoDome i Series contains an advanced DSP that provides real-time video processing for incredibly smooth bosdh tracking.

No Longer Available Update Location close. Similar model shown for illustrative purposes. Unlike conventional privacy masks, these can each be programmed with three, four, or even five corners to cover more complex shapes.

The camera system includes a rugged clear bubble for enhanced image clarity with a recessed bubble latch to prevent vandalism. Coupled with advanced DSP, the camera provides smooth tracking of images, k real-time video processing. Bosch Vgete1p Autodome i PTZ Network Camera Integrated Autoscaling proportional zoom and Autopivot features allow the camera to automatically rotate and flip, ensuring optimal control. If video is not present, a local inspection of three diagnostic LEDs at the camera site can identify the presence of video and control data.

The i series are called intelligent systems because they offer advanced motion detection features such as the ability to follow a moving object AutoTrack IIand the ability to apply up to 10 regions of interest within a preset position Video motion detection. Instant Quote Please fill out the form below and our security design specialists will assist you! Moreover, the camera gives you a choice of colors including autodpme and white as well as allows you to blur the image that is required to be covered.

There are no product questions yet. Be the first to review this item. One of the simplest ways to watch over your yard.

This can render images unusable. It draws power from a VAC power supply. AutoDome pendant housings indoor and outdoor are rated to provide IP 66 protection. In addition, the AutoDome i Series supports four outputs: You can even access the built-in power supply without taking down the dome. Max 50i Video Resolution. The camera supports Ethernet communication, and allows you to add IP functionality while maintaining connectivity to existing analog inputs and outputs.

Image Stabilization technique reduces blurring of images where the camera is subject to high frequency vibrations. TOP 10 Related.



The AutoDome i series sets itself apart from k PTZs by being able to update the system running on the camera without replacing the entire dome. HD Digital Video Recorders. High Definition Digital Cameras. The iBaby Monitor M6S aims small, misses small.


Bosch VG4-200, VG4-300, VG4-500i User Manual 2

This camera has been discontinued. Advanced features of this model include video motion detection, image stabilisation and object tracking using AutoTrack II technology. Components are hot swappable meaning you can change them over without removing the dome or even cutting the power. This allows the camera to be quickly upgraded or serviced with minimal downtime or cost. This hybrid design provides protection over your initial analogue CCTV investment while you migrate to a fully digital IP-based solution at your convenience. Like all IP cameras offered on www. Dynamic masking ensures that the areas to be masked remain covered during pan, tilt and zoom operations and multi-cornered masks allow for complex shapes to be created Built-in diagnostic tools simplify maintenance and reduce camera downtime IPrated, full weatherproof with vandal-resistant enclosure, anti-tamper fittings and tinted dome for discreet monitoring Wall mount installation Bosch AutoDome VGETE2W - Typical applications: High-end PTZ dome camera for security surveillance and monitoring in outdoor locations such as airports, railway stations, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail outlets, stadiums etc.

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