Sntesis biogrfica Nacimiento Naci el 3 de diciembre de en Arequipa, Per, en un pueblo porteo de la provincia de Islay, aproximadamente a km al sur de Lima. Familia Es el hijo ilegtimo de un comerciante acomodado, ganador de lotera nacional, quien engendr seis hijos de tres mujeres distintas. La madre de Guzmn, Berenice Reynoso, muri cuando este tena solo cinco aos. Entre y Guzmn vivi con la familia de su madre. Despus del vivi con su padre y su esposa en la ciudad de Arequipa, donde estudi secundaria en un colegio catlico.

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The rector was Dr. He attracted several like-minded young academics committed to bringing about revolution in Peru. In the s, the Peruvian Communist Party had splintered over ideological and personal disputes. He claimed that imperialism ultimately "creates disruption and is unsuccessful, and it will end up in ruins in the next 50 to years".

In February , he married Augusta la Torre , who was instrumental in founding Sendero Illuminoso, [5] [6] who died under unclear circumstances in After fighting for the permission to marry with a hunger strike , the couple wed in late August However, he pleaded respect for religious diversity and claimed religion would not be an obstacle for the armed struggle.

In the late s, however, the movement developed into a guerrilla group centered around Ayacucho. In May , the group launched its war against the government of Peru by burning the ballot boxes in Chuschi , a village near Ayacucho, in an effort to disrupt the first democratic elections in the country since Shining Path eventually grew to control vast rural territories in central and southern Peru and achieved a presence even in the outskirts of Lima , where it staged numerous attacks.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission later estimated that the resulting conflict led to the deaths of some seventy thousand people, approximately half of them at the hands of the Shining Path and a third at the hands of the state.

This resulted in a cyclical state of violence in which Maoist guerillas embarked in ruthless punitive expeditions against Peruvian civilians living in the Andean region.

In , 69 people including women and children from the highland town of Lucanamarca were tortured and murdered by the Shining Path in what became known as the Lucanamarca massacre.

Theodore Dalrymple an English journalist has written that "the worst brutality I ever saw was that committed by Sendero Luminoso Shining Path in Peru, in the days when it seemed possible that it might come to power.

If it had, I think its massacres would have dwarfed those of the Khmer Rouge. One of those residences, in the upper-class neighborhood of Surco , had been operating as a ballet studio.

The house was supposedly inhabited by only one person, the dance teacher Maritza Garrido Lecca , but it was soon noticed that the household produced more garbage than one person could account for. About 6, guerrillas within the party accepted it as a sign of defeat and surrendered. The court agreed, declaring that the military trials had been unconstitutional and ordering new trials before civilian courts.

The new trials began in Since then, more than prisoners who had been found guilty by military courts have been freed. The international press was held in a sound-proof chamber and all media was banned from observing the trial after the Shining Path cadre turned their backs on the judges and delivered a revolutionary salute to the media gallery. Glory to Marxism—Leninism—Maoism! Glory to the Peruvian people! When the trial resumed on 12 November, no reporters were allowed to observe the proceedings.

Eventually two of the judges recused themselves and the trial ended in chaos. No reporters were allowed to attend. The New York Times.



He excelled as a student but showed little interest in politics until his late teens, when he began associating with leftist intellectuals. He began to hold weekly political discussions with students and colleagues and spoke passionately against the injustices of Peruvian society and the need for Indian peasants to rebel. By the late s the discussion group had become a political faction calling itself the Communist Party of Peru. Instead, an agrarian preindustrial society could be transformed into a modern communist society by making the peasantry politically conscious.


Biografia de Abimael Guzman

Shanos The Truth and Reconciliation Commission later estimated that the resulting conflict led to the deaths of some seventy thousand people, approximately half of them at the hands of the Shining Path and a third at the hands of the state. Thank Vuzman for Your Contribution! The coup was welcomed by the public, according to numerous polls. Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations. Alberto Fujimori left Peru in November to attend a regional summit in Brunei.


Abimael Guzmán: la historia del terrorista más sanguinario del Perú


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