Недорогая, компактная и надёжная, система состоит из двух двухполосных динамиков, которые точно и без искажений воспроизводят сигнал как с аналоговых, так и с цифровых устройств. Мощности достаточно для помещения с площадью в несколько десятков квадратных метров, а частотного диапазона хватает на качественную передачу и музыки любого жанра, и звукового сопровождения видео. Характеристики аудио MS40 — активная аудиосистема полочного типа. Она состоит из двух динамиков, суммарная мощность которых равняется 40 Вт; корпуса фазоинверторного типа обеспечивают равномерный чёткий звуковой фронт и ясную слышимость в любой точке помещения, а монополярные излучатели гарантируют, что в результате переотражения от боковых стенок не возникнет паразитарных эхо.

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Justin D. Herdman Good, clean sound. I bought these to replace a 2. Their performance and durability is flawless. Will update if any aforementioned problems arise. It consists of a subwoofer and two satellites. IMHO, for this price, i doubt if there is much better sound and "bang for your buck" than these. As a musician who has done some studio work, i know you can find better quality in true Reference systems costing much more. But for this price i am literally stunned by the quality.

I actually prefer the sound from these than the older 3 piece Altec Lansing. We had used that to avoid the gutless laptop speakers as we did get a lot better sound including a bit of bass.

Have used them via both analog and digital toslink out without any hum or distortion or any other problems. They do get loud as well.

While in adjoining rooms it sounds as though there is a subwoofer attached somewhere. We presently have them in a rather large bedroom. Positioning is important but no matter what, they will fill the room with decent and acceptable sound. We highly agree.

Everything sounds great with these. Customer Service: I had reason to have to call the company for some info [needed to confirm specs on cables etc. Yes, connected immediately to real living breathing humans that spoke perfect English I get it home and all set up and find one thing I overlooked, the audio out from the TV is digital only.

No analog out, making my analog only receiver obsolete. So I decided to look at a all in one type of solution, which brought me to these studio monitors. Then again they are in my living room and I sit a good 8 feet or so away from my entertainment center. Those that use these for their intended purpose are probably sitting closer and might notice something. To me though, they sound great. Much better than the 20 year old speakers I was using!

They get very loud and have some nice base to them for a set of speakers without a dedicated sub woofer. Movies, music, and games all sound excellent on them in my opinion. They are also a nice size so that they fit on some smaller shelves in my entertainment center. Now my wife is happier because the old speakers I was using used to sit on the floor. Everything is contained within the entertainment center now. I guess my only gripe is that in order to change the volume on the speakers I have to get up off the couch and walk over to them to do so.

Not a huge deal though. I have read many reviews by self proclaimed audiophiles who believe the only measure of a speaker set is the ability to pump out massive amounts of low end. They are well constructed and the input selection is impressive. If I had a complaint it would be that they tend to be a little heavy around Hz which tends to make things a little muddy.

I would have given these monitors five stars however shortly after using them, the left side began cutting out. The input jack circuit board was installed slightly tweaked causing it to lose connectivity intermittently.

After reinstalling the board, they have been rock solid. This also allowed me to have a look at internal construction. These are well built little monitors.

Despite any problems I have had with them, i would recommend them. Behringer is one of those companies that folks either love or hate. Digital Monitor Speakers. But when they quit, I asked Behringer for information about finding and replacing fuses, After about a week I got the following email reply: "The unit would need to come in for a repair. If you would like to proceed with a non-warranty repair, please reply back to this email.

Thank you so much for your time. Opening the back 12 screws to remove and unplugging one wire allowed access to the fuses. Changing one got the speakers working again. Kodi Justice They will do the job!!!! They are great for the price but there is better out there but I am satisfied.


Behringer MS40 Quick Start Manual

Did you find this review helpful? Also used in Karaoke gasp: the insult. SOUNDS frequency response is good, the dynamics sufficiently met the original catch, good stereo depends on the source somewhat highlighted by my digital reverb, and the whole is not stifled. I listened to several models assets and liabilities in the auditorium before making my choice. I use it as multimedia speaker, plugs into a laptop. Do not expect to mix with or something. C just good pr listen to mp3 with correction EQ essential.


User's Manual for Speakers Behringer MS40, download free



Behringer MS20 User Manual


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