Bagshawe on 12th June in the year in Lambeth Hospital in London, England, to Nicholas Wilfrid Bagshawe as the father and Daphne Margaret nee Triggs as her mother, Matilda had a brother, James and two sisters Loise bagshawe, the elder sister and another sister Alice. With a pen name Tilly Bagshawe, she however, has a long and a renowned family tree that spans of a catholic gentry to artist and stockbrokers to begbrokers as well as to the co-founders of the renowned Westminster Cathedral. Interestingly, her elder sister Louise Bagshawe Mensch also happens to be a Chick-Lit author as well as a former conservative member of parliament. However, that said, Tilly Bagshawe is known to have attended a local and all girls Catholic school, The Woldingham School, located near her family home in Surrey and while there, she unexpectedly became pregnant at the age of 17 to the chagrin of the nuns in that school. Although expelled, she was undaunted and thus proceeded to give birth to a beautiful baby girl Persephone also known as Sefi.

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But this had done it". Some of his novels, such as Bloodline and The other side of Midnight fall into favorites for me. This book was really not written by Sheldon. Tilly Bagshawe writes under his name.

I enjoyed this book greatly. I have reread too. So why only a 3 rating? I mean.. This is the opposite. It is a book that had some sloppy writing but was still a very good and intense read. Angel of the dark has much to recommend about it. It is a murder mystery, concerning a "Black widow" of sorts who marries then kills her husbands. At least that is what the authorities think.

The books moves across the world, following a whole host of characters and is mesmerizing in its way. But there is no doubt that some aspects of it are just.. That is where the book lost me completely. It is unusual for me to take two stars off a book just for the ending. But with Angel of the dark, the ending is illogical. It makes no sense. Plot holes a mile long and none of the questions were answered or they WERE answered but not in a way that made any sense whatsoever.

Do not get me wrong. It was clever. But I did not understand how it could be.. There was a whole trial. But more then that, we, the readers are allowed into the heads of the murderers. It is implied at the end that Sophia is actually evil and that she killed Carlos. If that is so, what was with the private conversations between Sophia and her lover? It is shown clearly that he is the sadistic killer.

So if the writer wants to change that, then fine but I wish more had been explained to the reader because I had and still have absolutely no idea whose idea it was to commit the murders, was it him or her or both? So at the end.. Were the conversations all in her mind? In our mind? Who did it? What happened? It was a lame way to end a good and interesting mystery.

And that is the number one issue for me. This just does not happen with Sheldon books. Had Sheldon written the whole thing I think he would have given us an explanation. I just did not understand it. I still want to know exactly what happen ed to Carlos and what becomes of Matt. Still a good book. But it so could have been a five star read.


Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark




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