Tracks may be transferred at speeds up to 40 times faster than BaseT Ethernet! Alesis, the company that revolutionized multitrack recording with the introduction of the ADAT, provided yet another major price- to-performance breakthrough with the ADAT HD24 hard disk recorder. Now with the advent of the FirePort , the superior audio quality and portability of the HD24 can be married with the DSP-wrangling capabilities of your favorite audio editing software. Gone are the days of large periods of downtime while waiting for an entire song to make the jump to or from a computer-based audio editing software package.

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Though we recommend you take time to read through the entire manual once carefully, those having general knowledge about multitrack recorders should use the table of contents and index to reference specific functions while using the XT Chapter 1: Introduction. Deals with the necessary preparation before recording and playing, including connections to external devices. This section provides a brief tour of the XT20, shows you how to format a tape, record and playback, set locate points, auto punch-in and out, bounce tracks, and points out other various features.

Chapter 3: Connections. Details rear panel connections like inputs and outputs, footswitches and the ADAT Optical Digital Interface , and proper hook-up procedures. Chapter 4: Basic Operations. Covers the user interface of the XT20 and the way to use its basic control features, how to read the display, and how to navigate through and edit parameters. Chapter 6: Applications. Describes several real-world examples of how the XT20 may be used. Features an explanation of digital audio recording concepts, troubleshooting, maintenance and service information, specifications, a Glossary and an Index.

When something important appears in the manual, an icon like the one on the left will appear in the left margin. This symbol indicates that this information is vital when operating the XT



Digital Recording Concepts Digital audio requires lots of numbers to represent an analog version of the same sound. Tell us about it. During the operation, the tape willhalf-eject twice. Basic Operationsautomatically recognizes the shorter length of the ST because the hubs used inthe cassette are larger. Advantagesinclude higher speed and the ability to carry multiple chanels of information over asingle, thin cable. BusA bus generally refers to any common signal pathway.


Alesis ADAT FIREPORT User Manual

Thats cos a modern vcr transport lurks within so they are the weight of a typical modern VCR. ADAT offered a budget step into a digital recording world, using a commonly available storage media s-vhs. Chassis: The XT20 offers a custom-designed, die-cast solid aluminum chassis with an isolated housing for its internal power supply, while the LX20 implements a conventional steel-cased housing. Greater numbers of audio tracks could be recorded by synchronizing several ADAT machines together.

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