My students, half of whom were not even aware of the event, barely raised an eyebrow at the news, bemused at my worrisome need to know if I should pack up and leave Koriyama posthaste. The following weeks, as I settled into the school and got to know a few of the other teachers, I was invited to go snowboarding at a resort on the nearby Mt. I was seriously dubious on two fronts: one being that I had never snowboarded before, and two being that it would be on an active stratovolcano. And blessedly no volcanos.

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Report Report of the Bandai-san Fukushima hiking. Ten persons in 2 cars started from Tsukuba at about AM. We arrived at the Happodai Bandai-san Tozanguchi, the starting point of the climbing at m altitude , at about The parking was full, and we were directed to another parking back to a lower level, from where we walked back some m to the starting point, used the restrooms, and started walking at about This was high time of autumn colors at this altitude, all along our hiking trail until below the Bandai peak.

You can see these lovely colors in our pictures. The weather was nice for this season, a bit cloudy over the mountain to begin with, but cleared up later. The peak continued to be surrounded by fog though.

For most part, the trail was muddy and with rocks, and tree roots as additional distraction. At this time most people were already descending, so we had to give way to sometimes 20 people at a time, before proceeding further.

We reached Koubou-shimizu Goya about m altitude at about Here the vegetation cleared up and there were great views of the surroundings. We could see vast distances, with a view of lake Hibara. This place has two or three shops where you can also get hot cup ramen and use a disposable toilet for about yen, which you have to then carry back to a disposable box at the starting point. A little down below was Hana-batake point, near the rim of the vast crater, with stratified geological-layers and lava structures.

Everybody was back at the starting point before PM. We brought our cars here and headed towards Goshiki-numa ponds which have different colors due to minerals in the fading daylight past 5 PM.

When we arrived there, it was already nearly dark; we hurried to the nearest pond and had a view and reflection of Mt. By this time everything had closed down in this tourist area. Eiko found an onsen hotel open for daytime visitors using her onsen app near the Inawashiro Bandai Kogen highway IC, and we headed there in dark deserted roads. Eiko and Tatsuya made calls to find the entrance. It was a very nice onsen, on three floor levels. Eiko also got us discount by finding coupons on the web, so we could enter for yen, instead of regular 1, yen.

We left the onsen at about 8 PM. We stopped at Abukuma Kogen service area of the highway to get some dinner and settle transportation charges. I want to thank all the participants for joining the hike and for the great company that made everything so much enjoyable.

I particularly thank Rick for driving, and Eiko as well as Tatsuya for finding places in the dark, such as the Goshikinuma pond and the great onsen!


Mount Bandai

We know this because evidence of this has been left in past activities. Mount Bandai has not experienced a lava flow after the eruption of about 10, years ago. Sediment surveys have shown us that the history of the volcano can be divided into 6 sections. It is thought that the volcanic activity period was from about , years ago when there were 2 scoria eruptions, after the activity of Mt. Nekoma from approximately 1. It is not clear when the volcanic activities of Mount Bandai started, but it is believed that before about , years ago it was inactive and only became active after the activities of Nekoma volcano, which lies to the west, from 1. Approximately , years ago, there were two scoria eruptions.


Aizu Bandai San/ Autor: Hiroshi Ishimaru/ Interprete:Carla Armas





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