Trubetzkoy was born on 15 April in Moscow. His family was part of the Russian nobility, which traced its lineage to the 12th-century Grand Duchy of Lithuania. His family was also part of the religious and academic establishment in pre-Soviet Russia. One uncle, Evgeny Nikolaevich b. Another uncle, Girgorii Nikolaevich Trubetzkoy b. The Trubetzkoys were politically liberal pan-slavists and were involved in reform movements in the Orthodox Church.

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This is one of the fundamental systems which a language is considered to comprise, like its syntax , its morphology and its vocabulary. Phonology is often distinguished from phonetics. While phonetics concerns the physical production, acoustic transmission and perception of the sounds of speech, [3] [4] phonology describes the way sounds function within a given language or across languages to encode meaning. For many linguists, phonetics belongs to descriptive linguistics , and phonology to theoretical linguistics , although establishing the phonological system of a language is necessarily an application of theoretical principles to analysis of phonetic evidence.

Note that this distinction was not always made, particularly before the development of the modern concept of the phoneme in the mid 20th century. Some subfields of modern phonology have a crossover with phonetics in descriptive disciplines such as psycholinguistics and speech perception , resulting in specific areas like articulatory phonology or laboratory phonology. Definitions of the term vary.

In particular the Shiva Sutras , an auxiliary text to the Ashtadhyayi, introduces what may be considered a list of the phonemes of the Sanskrit language, with a notational system for them that is used throughout the main text, which deals with matters of morphology , syntax and semantics.

The word phoneme had been coined a few years earlier in by the French linguist A. He also worked on the theory of phonetic alternations what is now called allophony and morphophonology , and may have had an influence on the work of Saussure according to E. Directly influenced by Baudouin de Courtenay, Trubetzkoy is considered the founder of morphophonology , although this concept had also been recognized by de Courtenay. Trubetzkoy also developed the concept of the archiphoneme.

Another important figure in the Prague school was Roman Jakobson , who was one of the most prominent linguists of the 20th century. In this view, phonological representations are sequences of segments made up of distinctive features.

There are at least two levels of representation: underlying representation and surface phonetic representation. Ordered phonological rules govern how underlying representation is transformed into the actual pronunciation the so-called surface form. An important consequence of the influence SPE had on phonological theory was the downplaying of the syllable and the emphasis on segments.

Furthermore, the generativists folded morphophonology into phonology, which both solved and created problems. Natural phonology is a theory based on the publications of its proponent David Stampe in and more explicitly in In this view, phonology is based on a set of universal phonological processes that interact with one another; which ones are active and which are suppressed is language-specific.

Rather than acting on segments, phonological processes act on distinctive features within prosodic groups. Prosodic groups can be as small as a part of a syllable or as large as an entire utterance. Phonological processes are unordered with respect to each other and apply simultaneously though the output of one process may be the input to another.

The principles of natural phonology were extended to morphology by Wolfgang U. Dressler , who founded natural morphology. In , John Goldsmith introduced autosegmental phonology. Phonological phenomena are no longer seen as operating on one linear sequence of segments, called phonemes or feature combinations, but rather as involving some parallel sequences of features which reside on multiple tiers. Autosegmental phonology later evolved into feature geometry , which became the standard theory of representation for theories of the organization of phonology as different as lexical phonology and optimality theory.

Government phonology , which originated in the early s as an attempt to unify theoretical notions of syntactic and phonological structures, is based on the notion that all languages necessarily follow a small set of principles and vary according to their selection of certain binary parameters.

Principles are held to be inviolable, though parameters may sometimes come into conflict. In a course at the LSA summer institute in , Alan Prince and Paul Smolensky developed optimality theory —an overall architecture for phonology according to which languages choose a pronunciation of a word that best satisfies a list of constraints ordered by importance; a lower-ranked constraint can be violated when the violation is necessary in order to obey a higher-ranked constraint.

The approach was soon extended to morphology by John McCarthy and Alan Prince , and has become a dominant trend in phonology. The appeal to phonetic grounding of constraints and representational elements e.


Principles of Phonology

Dalkree A Bibliography of His Writings. He worked to set up an International Phonology Association. What are we thinking about? This book has the following three characteristics: More importantly, de Saussure had left a legacy of modern structuralism which greatly influenced linguistics in general.

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